I get to like people way too fast…

w\ Ati 🙂

And as much as I try not to, I still do. I’m happy this trip involved so much travelling with train, this way I got to talk to people with whom I probably wouldn’t have talked to. And the others – with whom I happened to talk to anyway – I’m not interested in people – I know it might not be a good thing – but this way, once again it turned out they all are pretty nice. I happened to talk to them, got to know them a little bit – a teensy little bit as for how short time we spent together – and I got to like them. I guess that must be one cause, that I know I get to like people way too fast, thus I try not to get to know them, this way I don’t get to like them, this way I won’t miss them and/or I won’t get disappointed in them. I’m not good at human relations.

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Love is in the, love is in the, love is in the air…

I have effin’ high expectations. So high, it’s almost impossible to reach. I could start listing the reasons, but I won’t. It’s not really a public affair afterall.

Officail. I’m freaking out. Hopefully I’ll get over it in… Like, this thought… is just wrong on so many levels. Whatever. Nope, this might not be a post you would understand. Continue reading

Tapasztalatok / Experience: Turkish Airlines

Nasszer-tó, Egyiptom / Lake Nasser, Egypt from the sky

Nasszer-tó, Egyiptom / Lake Nasser, Egypt

Eleget utazni szerintem nem lehet. Ahhoz, hogy megtudjam mennyire unalmas lehet egy reptér (még ha nagy és tele van *nyitott* boltokkal is), ahhoz viszont már utaztam eleget. Az előző bejegyzésemben már írtam arról, hogyan töltöttük mi a kb. 5,5 órás várakozási időnket az isztambuli Atatürk reptéren, most egy másik lehetőségről írok, amiről nem árt tudni.

I think travelling is never enough. But you can have enough travelling experience to learn how boring an airport can be (even if it’s big and have a lot of *open* shops). In my previous post I’ve written about how we spent the ~5,5 hours we had at Atatürk Airport, but here I present you another opportunity you should know about. Continue reading

Istanbul (Akvaryum)

view from the skyErős túlzás lenne azt állítani, hogy Isztambul is kipipálva, de azért egy kicsit mégiscsak. 🙂

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Don’t cry! It’s not your wedding.

Yoshi in Waidhofen Austria

I said this to at least 2 crying guest girls before my wedding. I don’t remember why they cried, but it doesn’t really matter anyway. Another damned wedding dream in which everyone’s so happy, except for me. Why? Like WHY do I keep having these ridiculous dreams? I remember the (probably) first such dream. I remember I was happy then. Until I realized I don’t have a clue who the hell is Peter – I’m marrying. Ever since I don’t even have a name, I don’t have a face, I don’t know anything about the other one, I just know everyone’s happy, but me. I can’t help, but repeat myself: WHY? Continue reading

Dream on…

naplemente Camogli, Liguria, Olaszország Dreams come true. True that. I know. I’d just prefer not having to wait so damn long for certain dreams to come true.

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I’m alive

önarckép rajz / self portrait drawn by DorieOr something like that.

Right now I am feeling the muscles. Which is kinda good (the pain makes you feel alive), but I cannot blame it on anyone else than me (and that’s annoying xD). I have been holding the exercizing sessions of these last 3 days. I’m getting less worried about these kinda stuff, I get better and better each time I’m standing in for the sick instructor. (Get better soon!) I’m not extremely happy about it, but let it be, it will be good for something. (I got chocolate from the girls! <3) If nothing else, it develops my concentration/focusing skills and at least I don’t skip exercizing. Yep, I’ve been extremely lazy lately. I need to force myself to go anywhere, including exercizing sessions. *sigh* Continue reading