Beautiful day

I’m alive. Summer is here.
Why is that when I feel like blogging I don’t have time, when I make time, I might not necessarily feel like writing? It’s a beautiful day afterall… And for a change… It’s not (just) fangirling. ;P

Warning: this post may contain visuals you were not prepared for. *evil laugh*
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Rajzok / Drawings 2015

naplemente rajz neon stabilo filc sunset drawinga la DorieVan nekem egy nagyon cuki, pici kis rózsaszín füzetkém. Az volt a terv, hogy 2015-ben telerajzolom. Jelentem, ez nem sikerült.

I’ve got this tiny, cute pink notebook. The plan was to fill it up with drawings in 2015. Well, I did not succeed.

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Don’t cry! It’s not your wedding.

Yoshi in Waidhofen Austria

I said this to at least 2 crying guest girls before my wedding. I don’t remember why they cried, but it doesn’t really matter anyway. Another damned wedding dream in which everyone’s so happy, except for me. Why? Like WHY do I keep having these ridiculous dreams? I remember the (probably) first such dream. I remember I was happy then. Until I realized I don’t have a clue who the hell is Peter – I’m marrying. Ever since I don’t even have a name, I don’t have a face, I don’t know anything about the other one, I just know everyone’s happy, but me. I can’t help, but repeat myself: WHY? Continue reading

I’m alive

önarckép rajz / self portrait drawn by DorieOr something like that.

Right now I am feeling the muscles. Which is kinda good (the pain makes you feel alive), but I cannot blame it on anyone else than me (and that’s annoying xD). I have been holding the exercizing sessions of these last 3 days. I’m getting less worried about these kinda stuff, I get better and better each time I’m standing in for the sick instructor. (Get better soon!) I’m not extremely happy about it, but let it be, it will be good for something. (I got chocolate from the girls! <3) If nothing else, it develops my concentration/focusing skills and at least I don’t skip exercizing. Yep, I’ve been extremely lazy lately. I need to force myself to go anywhere, including exercizing sessions. *sigh* Continue reading

Sleep is for girls

Oh, sure it is! Especially for a girl who must work early next day or for a girl who has the kind of migrane she never imagined she’d ever have. And next morning that girl wakes with a headache. Believe me, it’s NO fun. Continue reading

Pinterest: kipróbáltam / liked it – tried it

Közhírré tettem, amikor végül elcsábultam és regisztráltam Pinterestre. Azóta serényen gyűjtögetek és nézelődöm és lényegében csak cseszem el az időm ezerrel, de legalább egészen meg tudtam eddig állni, hogy tényleg mindent kitűzzek a táblácskáimra. (Itt megjegyzem: lehet jönni és követni, ha nem is az összes táblám, de azokat amelyek tetszenek.)

When I finally gave in for Pinterest I posted about it. Since then I’m wasting a lot of time on Pinterest, more or less being able to keep myself pinning only the best ones on my boards. Click here to see all my boards and hopefully you’ll like them enough to hit that follow button.

3D hand drawingHogy mi értelme annak, hogy 3D-s képet rajzolunk a kezünkről nem tudom, maradjunk csak annyiban, hogy tök buli és kedves ajándék lehet, ha a gyerekekkel együtt rajzolunk és színezünk, akár a falra is kikerülhet az egész család mancsa, színesen és 3D-ben. Az első próbálkozásom kicsit esetlen lett és vagy a színhasználat, vagy az ívek lapossága miatt nem az igazi, de attól még tökjó. Az élet apró örömei. 🙂

Drawing your hand in 3D with this technique does not save worlds or run a household, but it’s pure fun. You can make it with the kids and it could even make a nice gift. Like, have you ever thought about desinging all the family’s hands like this and putting them on the wall all of them together? My first attempt hasn’t been perfect, it’s either the colours I used or the arches are not high enough I don’t know, but I’m still happy with it. 🙂

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