Don’t cry! It’s not your wedding.

Yoshi in Waidhofen Austria

I said this to at least 2 crying guest girls before my wedding. I don’t remember why they cried, but it doesn’t really matter anyway. Another damned wedding dream in which everyone’s so happy, except for me. Why? Like WHY do I keep having these ridiculous dreams? I remember the (probably) first such dream. I remember I was happy then. Until I realized I don’t have a clue who the hell is Peter – I’m marrying. Ever since I don’t even have a name, I don’t have a face, I don’t know anything about the other one, I just know everyone’s happy, but me. I can’t help, but repeat myself: WHY?

vízesés Wasserloch klamm Palfau Ausztria waterfall Austria

I ❤ waterfalls

Okay, weirdest thing ever. Okay, not ever, but still… In 2 days I got these 2 wedding invitations. One very last minute. Melinda messaged me Friday about her wedding the next day and I happily went to see how beautiful bride she was. Of course she’s been beautiful, she’s a beautiful girl inside and out. 🙂 Andor’s wedding is in September, cross your fingers so that I can figure out the perfect gift for them. I’d soooo want to share their invitation here, so unique, so “them”. 😀 But of course it’s a private matter.
So I find this weird, because… I don’t really know why I find it weird. We’re in wedding season. Wedding photos are pouring from even the tap. Do we say this in English? Whatever… Suddenly I find it an explanation to those wedding dreams as well. Kind of…

fehér és normál nyestkutya Ausztriában white tanuki!!!!! (and a normal one behind) racoon dog white & normal in Austria

those are TANUKIs!!!!!

I also went to help a photoshoot. A wedding/engagement themed one. I promised I’d go (and I did) and help them but after all these heat I didn’t feel like going anywhere or doing anything, I just wanted to hide. Away from the Sun, from the heat, from people, everything. I’m the child of the winter. And winter is coming. Muhahahahaaaaa!

I’d say I got totally obsessed with Game of Thrones but it wouldn’t be true. I’ve finished 4 seasons and yeah, it’s good. It kind of keeps me entertained, but I also kind of lose interest. I don’t even like Jon Snow anymore. He’s a pussy. And he’s not really hot either. Bah. Fangirling mode: off. XD Also I take changing Daario Naharis as a personal insult.

Mariazell Ausztria


Okay, I’ll try not to overanalyze my Game of Thrones experience now. I’ve almost forgot about that 4-day-long trip in Austria. It was nice, but short. We’ve lived on this adorable farm with a number of lovely animals, like Larissa the donkey, Heidi the goat, Amy and Sandy the dogs, a totally adorable duck couple, incredibly soft rabbits lots of sheep and chikens and pigs and cats and I think that’s all. I’ve been seduced to go on this trip because of the caves we planned to visit. Dream on princess… The caves are only open Friday-Sunday, in summer even on Thursdays. Which sounds like a feasable project but nope. We called the caves to see the details on when we can go and visit on Sunday and we were told we could not go. Why? I don’t know, because our German is kind of as good as their English is. Zen and worldpeace. We’ve visited a number of churches and such religious places. Which is a pretty good thing because all these places are so pretty and you know I like architecture and stuff. And also, we’ll have some memories of all these artistic beauty when we’re under Islamic reign… *sigh* Have I ever told you ISIS just scares the sh*t out of me?

vízesés Wasserloch klamm Palfau Ausztria waterfall Austria

Wasserloch Klamm (Palfau)

For a short time I thought that black butterflies keep coming in my life as a sign. While walking up the endless steps of the Wasserloch Klamm Palfau (Waterhole Gorge in Palfau) for a while it seemed like that black butterfly was just guiding me. Of course it wasn’t only one, and higher up in the gorge I came across a lot of them at the same time. Another one just came in the house the other day and even I got black butterfly removable tattoos from Paula. Funny. I like butterflies. And black is a nice colour. So I’m fine with this combo. 😀 I couldn’t make any good pic of them at Wasserloch Klamm as the focus of my camera is not working properly. Which would be the smaller problem if I could save the battery, but the whole camera is dying. And that breaks my heart. I need a new camera. A good one. I think I’ll just make a rant post about it.

So, for a change this post is getting long. The Austrian trip briefly: farm, animals, churches, waterfalls, tanuki. More or less. xD

drawing of quote Kosztolányi Hajnali részegség

This is how I chill on a bank holiday….

I’m working on some drawing. Please cross your fingers so that one is turning out as cool as I hope it will. I’d say I’m never going to be as good as the ones who have their artworks at the local galleries, but I think I am already better than some of them. Of course there are those who I’ll just keep admiring. Well, sometimes I realize it’s pretty cool living in the “town of painters”. We really have a number of supertalented artists in Szentendre. Not necessarily the ones who are the most famous… Yes, you guessed it right I happened to visit some galleries in town. It was raining and I didn’t feel like attending the exhibitions I’ve seen already. Like numberous times. Like, not long ago. xD So I visited the galleries instead.

And now, let’s get back to drawing. (Or let’s watch something… as I don’t feel like watching Hidalgo I might even start watching Battlestar Galactica… yeah, I’ve ran out of Game of Thrones right now.) Happy 20th August! xD

xoxo D.

Listen to: Schiller – Dreams

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