I’m alive

önarckép rajz / self portrait drawn by DorieOr something like that.

Right now I am feeling the muscles. Which is kinda good (the pain makes you feel alive), but I cannot blame it on anyone else than me (and that’s annoying xD). I have been holding the exercizing sessions of these last 3 days. I’m getting less worried about these kinda stuff, I get better and better each time I’m standing in for the sick instructor. (Get better soon!) I’m not extremely happy about it, but let it be, it will be good for something. (I got chocolate from the girls! <3) If nothing else, it develops my concentration/focusing skills and at least I don’t skip exercizing. Yep, I’ve been extremely lazy lately. I need to force myself to go anywhere, including exercizing sessions. *sigh*

self portrait in da makin

I draw the eyes last… which freaks others out – I don’t get why


I’ve had these very stressful weeks when I’ve had random panic attacks, constant hampered respiration and which left me with greying hair. I’ve never really experienced such things before and believe me, these stuff suck! Big time. Seemingly I’m getting better (I’m a tough girl afterall ;P) and it’s gonna be even better next week, for when I’ve got an appointment to my hairdresser. Hehe! (Yes, this is a typical girly thing that actually works wonders! I don’t know how, but it does.) So, remembering my good old (a bit too pink) blog, let’s see what’s pink. My hair is not. Yet.

With sis we’ve gone for an additional day of the drawing class I mentioned in my last post where I’ve finished my own portrait. I kind of like it even though – apparently – I draw a vole-face for everyone. Except for one drawing where the person doesn’t have a vole-face and what is more, looks even better on the drawing than in real life. LOL And I can’t make that one public. Good job girl, congratulations! *facepalm*

Marilyn Monroe rajz / drawing by DorieI’ve also been to the latest exhibition of Bordos Artworks of which I’ve made a separate post mainly in Hungarian. As far as I remember I’ve gone to see it 3 (maybe 4?) days out of 5 and I enjoyed it so much. I don’t have a clue how his brain works and what else incredible ideas he’s still holding. I pity all those dumb friends of mine whom I’ve invited to come with me but didn’t come. Their loss not mine. Anyway, this exceptional show is becoming a touring one, I’ll try to get my hand on more info and post it later. 🙂

As for calming my troubled soul… I’ve travelled to Switzerland with my family to take a trip with the Bernina express from Davos (CH) to Tirano (I). The trip was very compact: 4 days – 4 countries (technically). First day we visited Kufstein (AT) then we went to Davos to take the panoramic train trip. I’ve started to write more about the trip, but the post got sooo long, I’ll just post it separately. xD It was compact & nice and it just boosted my mood. As well as meeting the girls for a bit of clothes/accessories swapping the other evening. Sometimes I feel a bit lonely having my best friends all around the world. Some of them are still here, but they are either working all the time or home with the baby.

snake from the gardenFortunately, life is full of small nice things. Like saving a small hedgehog who got stuck in the fence – it’s been sooooo cute! Small enough to fit in my palm and brave enough not to ball itself up (how the heck do you say this?), but to climb up to my neck and head. So cute! I’ve also seen a decent size rat that I did not play with. And 2 new snakes have turned up in the garden. Different species from Viorel and I think they have been scared off by our neighbor who hasn’t treated them nice. Yeah, I go to the town for a walk and meanwhile the neighbor scares off my snakes. -c- Anyway, in the town we had the chance to see this very nice drum performance by a bunch of school kids. I had absolutely no gadgets with me to make any evidence of my being there and seeing/hearing it, but you know what? This is life. My life. My experience. My memories. 🙂

snake from the gardenBack to my snakes. It’s been interesting though, how I found the big one. I’ve been focusing my attention on a tree where I heard some noises from, I was sure I’d see squirrels – which I actually did, but a week or 2 later – and then I heard that hissing sound. A sound I’ve never heard before but I guess it must be some kind of ancient genetics thingy when you know it’s not good and you are being threatened. And I turned and there it was! Decent size, ~1m looking and hissing at me and it scared me. Yes it did! I’ve been checking on it until it disappeared. Then next day I went with sis to see if it’s there again, but we found a small one! So cute! 🙂

emu kid & me @ Budapest Zoo

photo: sis 🙂

Errr… Have I ever told you how I love animals? We’ve been to the zoo too. We haven’t been for a while. And guess what! They have got KEAs!!! Like, really! And small emus which are so incredibly adorable! And anteaters! And of course my beloved seals and penguins and all the others. It’s a zoo afterall. A nice, big and awesome zoo! And as Budapest Zoo aquired the territory of the old theme park, the rearrangement and moving has already started. It’s pretty interesting to see what’s left over from the theme park – you can feel you are in one, a deserted one, or more likely, one that’s got taken over by a zoo. Which actually just happened, but it’s really a strange atmosphere. They keep few attractions though, the old-classic ones that are heritage status – or however you say that.

Okay, I’m getting bored of writing and actually, writing is one thing and addig the pics and links and formatting etc is another. And I *khm* dislike to do that. So enough for now. I wanna go to sleep. XD But! Before I go, one more thing:

Extreme Ice World Championships 2014 in Moscow, next week (29th Oct)!!! And look who’s gonna be there! Ádi! 😀 OMG! It’s soooo awesome! So all of you, watch if you can – as far as I know there’s gonna be a live streaming of it – and cheer for Ádám Nádas & his partner Ievgen Lukashenko!

And now, sweet dreams!

xoxo D.

Ps. Catching up on The Ocean Cleanup (I have written about it before.) crowd funding campaign: It has been successful! ♡ Congratulations!

Listen to: Schiller – Breathe


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