Máté Bence: kiállítás /exhibition

Itt a nagy Bertie Gregory rajongásomban mik ki nem derülnek! Máté Bencének kiállítása van a Bazilika téren. Mármint a Szent István Bazilika előtti téren, aminek úgy nézem Szent István tér a becsületes neve. Szóval nekem hirtelen nagyon fontos kiállítás nézhetnékem támadt. Budapesten kívül még másik 7 városban is megtekinthetők lesznek a képek, minden infóért katt ide.

In case you’re in Budapest this month and you happen to find a bit of time to visit St. Stephen’s Basilica or at least the square in front of it, have a look at the exhibition of this awesome Hungarian wildlife photographer, Bence Máté.

Or! Have a look at the official site and see the upcoming venues of the same exhibition. So far 8 Hungarian cities have been announced to give place to his wonderful photos. Enjoy!

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Élmény festés a javából! / Painting experience

Ahogyan az előző bejegyzésben már írtam, voltam festeni. És meglepően jó élmény volt.

In my previous post I mentioned that I went to this acrylic painting workshop recently. And it was a very surprising success. Continue reading

Bertie Gregory

Ő Bertie Gregory. Természetfotós és filmes. Aktuális kiskedvencem. Szülinapomra azt kérem, hogy legyen valahol a közelben egy előadása, amire elmehetek.

This is Bertie Gregory. He’s a wildlife photographer and filmmaker. He’s my newest “lil’ fave” and my wish for my upcoming birthday is that I could go to one of his presentations. Continue reading

A post full of flying F*s

I’m done with birthdays. I don’t even care how round it might get. I’m also done with gift-wrapping. Saying it as I see the picture of all the stuff I need to wrap up in my mind. I’d act as a drama queen and say how people don’t appreciate all the work I put in their birthdays, but right now it would be so not true. Pretty much everyone appreciated what I did. Great, it was worth then.

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Hot mess…

Seemingly, this post doesn’t want to get finished… I’ve sat down a number of times already to just get my thoughts out of my head… And they don’t feel like getting out – at least not on this forum… So, if you don’t like messy rambling type of readings, just skip this post now. 🙂 Continue reading