Love is in the, love is in the, love is in the air…

I have effin’ high expectations. So high, it’s almost impossible to reach. I could start listing the reasons, but I won’t. It’s not really a public affair afterall.

Officail. I’m freaking out. Hopefully I’ll get over it in… Like, this thought… is just wrong on so many levels. Whatever. Nope, this might not be a post you would understand.

So, let’s get back to what you could understand and might as well interest you. I’m back from the USA. Big news. It didn’t turn out quite as how I expected it to, but it had some nice moments. Yes, I am negative, but I’m kind of disappointed with that trip. And it’s not only because I hardly could meet Ricsi. I met him twice afterall, even if only for a short time. I totally couldn’t meet his wife and his dog though and I’m not happy about that. I’m not happy about a lot of things, but let’s see what I’m happy with.

I challenged myself to only wear dresses while I’m in the USA. It was meant to be a business trip afterall. And except for the flight days I did only wear my dresses. Okay, I haven’t taken any jeans or shirts with me that I could have worn, but I may have just bought some if I wanted to. We had way too many totally unnecessary and unplanned shopping trips afterall. Fuck shopping. Whatever. So, I managed to live out of my feminine closet for a week. And, I think only the last 2 days were when I didn’t bother putting on any make-up. Like the very last day doesn’t count as we were flying home and I don’t intend on flying with make-up on. Don’t ask. So, I think I pretty much completed my own challenge successfully. I’m proud of myself. 😀

Good thing I had my “wedding dress” with me as I ended up at a real Vegas wedding where I was translating Elvis. I have worn that dress at at least 5 weddings already. This is crazy. LOL I still haven’t managed to fall for Vegas like so many people do. It’s spectacular, yes, but that’s all, can’t really keep my attention for long. But, I have to admit, I managed to fall in love with Fremont Street. I was pretty disappointed when I stepped out the entrance of The Wynn exactly when the show I wanted to watch was starting in there… But then we arrived to Fremont street and it’s so my thing. Now, I want to go back there. I didn’t have the chance to slide on that thingy below the huge led-ceiling. I’ll have to put together a plan for Vegas, so that I can see all the shows I want to and try all rollercoasters I want to try. Hahaha!

Okay, this trip WAS worth it. I got to fly down to River Colorado in Grand Canyon with a helicopter. I was afraid I’d get sick, like I got sick when landing in Vegas when we arrived, so I took 2 pills just in case, but our pilots were so good, I didn’t really need any pills. Better safe than sorry though. Also we’ve travelled through Death Valley and  walked through the Golden Gate bridge. And gave a quick visit to Muir Woods with those huge old trees. I wish we had spent the whole day there instead of fucking that day up like we did. Don’t ask, noone really understands what the actual fuck was happening that day. Except my nervous breakdown that András treated with two palmful piles of chocolate, which, to be honest worked wonders. Well, he seems to know that concept, that when nothing else works, hide in a safe place and throw chocolate at her.

So, that’s it for the USA trip. I don’t think I’m going to write anything more about this – like I never finished a number of posts about my trip last year… Or I’ll have to figure out a different style to write in. But this is how I write. Long. *sigh* Blogging it getting boring. Like, right now…

So, we came home and in a week Ricsi was home too. He came for his best friend’s wedding. 🙂 We had a photoshoot with Márk, and I met twice more with Ricsi while he was home. Have I ever told you he’s got a puli? And another adorable doggy as well, but the puli is the best. Sometimes I just wonder how friendships are born/formed. But seemingly I’m not wise enough to figure out the answer.

I just messed up the Halloween plans yesterday. We were to go to this botanical garden, but somehow neither of us realized that the event we were about to go to was last year. So we ended up in the cinema with Zita and watched Nerve. Which I’ve seen for the second time, but it’s soooo good! I love it. Like, really. Another one that’s totally made for me. Not to mention the colours and soundtrack.

Okay, I’m really fed up with writing. That’s all for now.

xoxo D.

Listen to: Lowell ft. Icona Pop – Ride



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