A fab a rooney… I mean HNY

I’ve sit down not long ago to finally put some thoughts on the virtual pages of this blog… The title then was “the most depressing time of the year”. I deleted the whole thing I wrote which in a way is a pity as I had some nice thoughts there, but let’s at least try to be positive. And I’m a LOT better mood now. So, in a nutshell… Have lovely holidays you all! Really. Wherever you are, whatever you celebrate or not celebrate. Just have a great time in the new year! Continue reading

Beautiful day

I’m alive. Summer is here.
Why is that when I feel like blogging I don’t have time, when I make time, I might not necessarily feel like writing? It’s a beautiful day afterall… And for a change… It’s not (just) fangirling. ;P

Warning: this post may contain visuals you were not prepared for. *evil laugh*
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if only the Ocean loved me back

In case you know a medication that helps serious sea-sickness, please don’t hide that piece of infromation from me. My common sense is somewhere on a faraway beach having coctails with my dignity and laughing at me from the distance which leaves me here thinking about how I could get out on the ocean/sea again. Continue reading

A post full of flying F*s

I’m done with birthdays. I don’t even care how round it might get. I’m also done with gift-wrapping. Saying it as I see the picture of all the stuff I need to wrap up in my mind. I’d act as a drama queen and say how people don’t appreciate all the work I put in their birthdays, but right now it would be so not true. Pretty much everyone appreciated what I did. Great, it was worth then.

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A lot more shades of grey

Although I used to have a period when I was wearing a LOT of black (according to family, I was wearing only black) I don’t think I’ve ever accepted the world as a black or white place to be. At least for me life’s never been that easy to handle. Too many point of views, too many different shades of grey. There were few issues though which have been pretty close to being just black or white and apparently, even those are a lot more grey than I used to think. Fuck. It feels like I need to totally fine-tune the system. Again. Continue reading

Hot mess…

Seemingly, this post doesn’t want to get finished… I’ve sat down a number of times already to just get my thoughts out of my head… And they don’t feel like getting out – at least not on this forum… So, if you don’t like messy rambling type of readings, just skip this post now. 🙂 Continue reading