Dream on…

naplemente Camogli, Liguria, Olaszország Dreams come true. True that. I know. I’d just prefer not having to wait so damn long for certain dreams to come true.

There are these tiny things, not really belonging to the “dream” cathegory. Like last Tuesday evening I catched a Magnum TV spot advertising the new flavours: Tiramisu and Créme brulée and I got a bit overexcited. Next morning somewhere at a countryside petrol station my first thing to do was to check the ice-cream box, but no Créme Brulée for me. I got disappointed and sad so I had to cheer me up with a marlenka. (Now, that’s some yummi stuff too, try it if you haven’t yet. As far as I remember the lemon flavoured marlenka is even appropriate for vegetarians.) So I was focusing on my cake, didn’t really pay attention to my surroundings, I just noted that some delivery guy came in the room and then he was gone. And when we were to leave I spotted a fresh box saying Magnum – Double chocolate. I had to turn to see the other box in the shopkeeper lady’s hands and you can guess what it said: Créme Brulée. *sigh*

Oh my, I like my long detailed descriptions of totally uninteresting stuff. Can you guess I’m hungry? And before you make any remarks, let’s just make this clear, the ONLY one who can call me a hungry Hungarian is ME. We’ve all heard this incredibly creative joke like a million times. Not in Italy though. At least not this time. Okay, we haven’t really chatted with foreigners so there was not much room for such a joke to occur…

pinterestHave you checked my Pinterest? Have you happened to see the “Places I’d like to go board“? I’m considering to change this cover picture as I’ve just visited Cinque Terre with Tibor and the girls. Also there are a few pictures on that board of places which we have visited during that very brief time we have spent in the area. I just can’t wait for the pictures Tibor has taken. He’s a pro afterall and the main purpose of this trip was to make a bunch of awesome photos.

Camogli, Liguria, OlaszországI’ve happened to make a few good ones as well (compared to myself) with my good old compact camera (that’s about to die – I’m feeling heartbroken). If I were to follow the trends I could even start calling myself a photographer and really, I should just start a page posting my photography art as I’m totally as cool as all those “photographers”… Well, nope. Everyone happens to make good pictures from time to time. Even me. Even those who call themselves photographers and take a billion random pics, put random filters on them and die of their own unique awesomeness. I’ve got friends who are real professional photographers and I also have some friends who are not “photographers”, don’t call themselves fancy names like that, but make pics that could qualify them for the title. Okay, I’m done with the topic. I’m hungry, I can’t focus.

I wanna go back. Now! It was so nice to be around the sea. I still have problems with serpentine roads, but I can handle that. More or less. Unfortunately I didn’t have much time to fool around on the beach or on the rocks. Which might be a lucky thing, considering that week I have just totally broken myself. Not the bones fortunately. I started with (I guess already mentioned) falling off the stairs, then first night in Italy I fell again, in front of the cars, just to make it more interesting. But hey, I’m alive! And my bruises fade slowly but surely. Until they heal totally I can’t go to Gergő though. Which is a pity, I’m really in need of a good massage.

kilátás a villánkból Recco Olaszország

the view from our villa in Recco

I’m also in need of some miracle. I’m trying to tidy up my room which means it’s an even bigger mess than it usually is. It’s getting on my nerves, really. Almost as much as sewing gets on my nerves. It doesn’t work for me. And it’s hell annoying. I’ve got all these awesome ideas which seem to be so easy and then I sit down to do them and I fail. And WHY? Like, why the hell? Bahh… A lot of things would be so much easier if it just worked.

Like I could make some cool cosplay for the upcoming event. Ha-ha-ha. Zoli turned up and wants me to join him at some cosplay event. What? Like WHAT? As much as I haven’t even promised him to go or dress up or anything, I’m afraid he takes it for granted… We’ll see. It would be so awesome if I could make some Jupiter Jones costume, or Black Lady, or some Evangelion suit. It would also be cool if I could pull off a Lara Croft look, or Max from Dark Angel, but really… I’m not in the mood to spend a lot of time and effort (and/or even money) on something predestined to failure. Right now I’m thinking about a Videl look. That’s easy. Knowing myself I’ll even fuck that up, but we’ll see. I haven’t promised anything to anyone. Still, if you’ve got any ideas on who I should cosplay, please let me know. (Keep in mind my limited abilities in achieving certain looks. – Does this sentence make any sense? xD)

fellógatott orrszarvú Portofino kikötőjébenTalking about cosplay and dreaming… The coolest thing ever would be to cosplay Robyn R.. But on the one hand, that’s pretty impossible for me to do and on the other, it’s still time… Hopefully not a long time, but it’s still time… Never mind if you don’t get what I’m talking about. You will. At some point in the future. Plus, blogs are to read not to understand.

I keep dreaming… Right now mainly about food… That’s it.

xoxo D.

Listen to: Poets of the Fall – Dreaming wide awake

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