I’m alive

önarckép rajz / self portrait drawn by DorieOr something like that.

Right now I am feeling the muscles. Which is kinda good (the pain makes you feel alive), but I cannot blame it on anyone else than me (and that’s annoying xD). I have been holding the exercizing sessions of these last 3 days. I’m getting less worried about these kinda stuff, I get better and better each time I’m standing in for the sick instructor. (Get better soon!) I’m not extremely happy about it, but let it be, it will be good for something. (I got chocolate from the girls! <3) If nothing else, it develops my concentration/focusing skills and at least I don’t skip exercizing. Yep, I’ve been extremely lazy lately. I need to force myself to go anywhere, including exercizing sessions. *sigh* Continue reading

I’m not even your fan, let alone your groupie…

Following up on my last post… I just can’t wait for Boyan’s presentation on the 3rd. Really. I want to see him succeed. I just need this kind of inspiration not to lose all hope… in kind of everything… xD Continue reading

Haverok, zumba, farsang… / Friends , zumba, make-up

Szeretem az olyan alkalmakat, ahol erős sminkekben lehet megjelenni, anélkül, hogy bárki hülyének nézne érte. A farsanggal is csak annyi szokott a bajom lenni, hogy minek is öltözzek, mert túl sok ötletem van, aztán a nagy kapkodásban egyik jelmez sem készül el úgy, ahogyan kellene.

I like those occasions for which I can wear bold, creative make-up looks without being considered as a weirdo. We’ve got this traditional  season in Hungary called “farsang” during which there are a lot of dress-up parties. My only problem with farsang is that I can never decide what I want to be. I’m always full of ideas then usually I cannot finish my costumes on time…

Évek óta „valami pikkelyes” és „foltos cica” (értsd: gepárd/leopárd) akarok lenni, na egyik sem voltam még sosem. Pedig a valami pikkelyeshez csináltam már magamnak medúza fejdíszt is. Az ötlet egyébként Angie (Goldiestarling) videójából jött, tessék megnézni, meg aztán a többit is. Imádom ennek a csajnak a kreativitását… Bár ez a bejegyzés nem róla szól.

For years I’m planning on becoming “something with scales” and some spotty big cat (means: cheetah/leopard), of course I’ve never ever managed these. Yet. For the “something with scales” I’ve already made a medusa tiara based on Angie’s (Goldiestarling) tutorial. Click here and check it, then have a look at all her other videos too, she’s incredibly creative and talented. However, this post is not about her.

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