A post full of flying F*s

I’m done with birthdays. I don’t even care how round it might get. I’m also done with gift-wrapping. Saying it as I see the picture of all the stuff I need to wrap up in my mind. I’d act as a drama queen and say how people don’t appreciate all the work I put in their birthdays, but right now it would be so not true. Pretty much everyone appreciated what I did. Great, it was worth then.

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AI: Atomic Idiot

I’d say I’ve never been more disappointed in all my life, but it wouldn’t be true. As if it changed anything… And before anyone had a word about me being negative. “Think Pink” was my old blog.

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Assassin’s Creed (Hun only)

Assassin's Creed poster

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Amikor Zitával hirtelen felindulásból WarCraftot néztünk, akkor eldöntöttük, hogy az Assassin’s Creedet teljes kocka-pukkasztó harcidíszben nézzük meg: magassarkú, full-smink, műszempilla meg minden.
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Zsivány ez az egyes… (Hun only)

star wars rogue one poster

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Készüljetek, Csillagok háborújás ömlengés elmélkedés következik. Ja, és lehet benne némi “spoiler” azoknak, akik esetleg nem látták még a Zsivány egyest… Csak mondom.

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Love is in the, love is in the, love is in the air…

I have effin’ high expectations. So high, it’s almost impossible to reach. I could start listing the reasons, but I won’t. It’s not really a public affair afterall.

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Weirdest thing ever, it’s today I felt like blogging…. Whatever. Let’s just think pink. Like my new dress. Now, that’s effing pink. But it looks good on me and the plan is, I’m even going to wear it. Like, really. The plan is I’m going to wear my other dresses as well. Julie is some serious inspiration it seems. LOL.

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Still breathing

old cosmopolitan magazine + a funny mug I got in Dubai - bringing up nice memoriesAs surprising as it is, that’s the case. I’m still breathing. I’m hungry though. And I can’t focus. I wonder why I just started to write…

<~ Look what turned up! 😀 Good old times…

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