I get to like people way too fast…

w\ Ati 🙂

And as much as I try not to, I still do. I’m happy this trip involved so much travelling with train, this way I got to talk to people with whom I probably wouldn’t have talked to. And the others – with whom I happened to talk to anyway – I’m not interested in people – I know it might not be a good thing – but this way, once again it turned out they all are pretty nice. I happened to talk to them, got to know them a little bit – a teensy little bit as for how short time we spent together – and I got to like them. I guess that must be one cause, that I know I get to like people way too fast, thus I try not to get to know them, this way I don’t get to like them, this way I won’t miss them and/or I won’t get disappointed in them. I’m not good at human relations.

So, the trip was totally exhausting but fun. Like trips like this usually are. I got to visit some new places and happened to return to places I never thought I would. I’m the luckiest girl afterall. 🙂

So, I still have problems with Chinese (everything), might be because I don’t know their culture well enough, might just be that we are so culturally different. Never underestimate the power of cultural difference. Neither to positive nor to negative extent. It’s funny though that more people in China speak English than people in the USA. Statistics can be hilarious.

found the most awesome ruins inside the Forbidden City

Their traffic is kind of fun too, but I’d probably die if I had to drive in it. It’s always interesting though how quickly you can adjust to local traffic – the first days you’re scared to even go near a road/crossing the last day you hardly pay attention and know how to get to the other side safe and sound.

Summer Palace Beijing/Peking China

Last time I was in China it was a bit longer and by the end I happened to encounter such an agressive side of me I’ve never imagined I had. It’s been long ago and I won’t even try to guess what was different then and now, I’m just happy I didn’t meet that side of me again. Maybe, just maybe, my Targaryen pendant helped. LOL Comes to my mind how my brother freaked out of me not being upto date with Game of Thrones. Bahh… Why is it so difficult to understand I watch it as theraphy when I need it?! xD

I’ve watched some TV in China again. First day I happened to see Barbara Palvin in a L’Oreal commercial, I found some shows with English subtitles, also found some talent scout shows and the greatest cartoon – with a hunter and 2 bears who got friends by the end and it also had monkeys riding motorbikes. Also watched a lot of music related shows. And found HBO, CNN and even Music TV which had the exact same festival programs that airs here. XD

The food was the ‘same’ as last time. Very hectic, very much to the extremes. We were told that neither the Hungarian, nor the Chinese travel agencies have a word in where to take the groups to eat – it is decided on governmental levels. On the one hand I totally can imagine it’s true (then I really don’t get the point in making the tourists – who spend their money and help your economy – eat at the dirtiest, most disgusting places – not as if we ate too much there) and on the other whoever is responsible for these choices should go and suck on some snails… Dead ones, live snails are cute.
(Yes, I managed to find some bubble tea in Shanghai. xD It was so good! Yummi! :D)

sugar coated strawberries and very happy me 😀

I had the bestest best strawberries at one street though, they were in some sugar coating and OMGackt, the best thing ever. I’ll just try to recreate them when strawberry season comes. I missed trying scorpions, you know how choosy I am, it takes a certain mood to try all weird thingies. Now, I want to try scorpions as some of the others have tried them and EVERYONE said they are tasty. Even the Dutch guy who sat next to me on the long flight home told scorpions are yummi. I could babble about the thingies I tried though, but I won’t. I don’t even have the vocab for that in Hungarian.

I guess I have bought a bit too much tea (and cosmetics xD), but it feels as if I haven’t bought enough. Also I thought I could keep myself from taking a million photos (knowing I’m not good at photography and I hardly ever take a look at all my crappy pics) , turned out I took like 1900. I tried to go through them the day after we got home, but I’ve only gone through like 200. xD

I know a lot has happened during this trip but the first things that come to my mind are basically, climbing the Great Wall, spotting a squirrel at a very busy park and panorama peeing at around 430-450m at the beer opener in Shanghai. Turns out it was only 423m high, but whatever. xD Oh yeah and that supercool poser pic taken at the wheel of a Tesla. I know, I know… I remember a number of Buddhas too, and temples and train trips and early mornings. And of course I still want my own marble boat to have as a warming place when I’m tired of skaing on the frozen lake… And of course jade. And the other stones, the geodes to be precize. And all my new furniture I could not put anywhere, I’d probably need a huge palace to place all the furniture I wanted to get my hands on. But that’s not new, I’m kind of a sucker for nice furniture. I wanted to buy them all last time as well as in Dubai etc.

So, basically, it was just fun. And I got to like the people. I might just make an effort and search for them on FB. Not as if I didn’t have enough people on my friend list. And every time I want to post something I need to think it over again and again, who might see it who really shouldn’t. Bahh… Stupid social media. Silly me, using it. Yesterday I heard Shania Twain’s That don’t impress me much and thought of how well it would fit this post. I met people who impressed me. And it’s so good! And I’m kind of proud of myself. You know how it is with first impressions and stuff. It can be so misleading and I’m mature enough to come over them. Okay, this might not be that big of an achievement, considering I’m talking about myself. Like who would I talk about? I’m self-centered afterall. Muhahaha!

So, it feels so good, meeting with people who kind of give back your faith. Especially after the recent issues I had. Now I’m off to exercizing. And I’m not sure yet if I’m going to add pics and then I publish this post or I publish the post and then sometime I’ll add photos. (Apparently, added photos later. And, I got to held that exercizing session. OMGackt, it was pretty much out of the blue, but could handle it pretty well. 🙂 )

xoxo D.

Listen to: Shania Twain – That Don’t Impress Me Much


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