Újabb kis lépés az emberiségnek… /Another small step for mankind…

bélyegruha magazinban, stamp dress in magazine

Kati is örül a megjelenésnek 😀 / this makes Kati happy too 😀

Kis lépés az emberiségnek, nagy boldogság nekem. Tudom, ugyanígy már kezdtem egy bejegyzést, de hasonló elégedettséggel tölt el ez is, mint az akkor. Oda vagyok, meg vissza, mert teljes oldalon jelent meg a bélyeg-ruhám, nem máshol, mint a Posta vállalati magazinjában. Mekkora királyság már?! 

Small step for mankind, but a lot of happiness for me…I know, I’ve started a post like this before, but it’s pretty much the same awesome feeling. My stamp-dress got published in the corporate magazine of Hungarian Post Office (or whatever their name in English is). How cool is that?! Continue reading


I get to like people way too fast…

w\ Ati 🙂

And as much as I try not to, I still do. I’m happy this trip involved so much travelling with train, this way I got to talk to people with whom I probably wouldn’t have talked to. And the others – with whom I happened to talk to anyway – I’m not interested in people – I know it might not be a good thing – but this way, once again it turned out they all are pretty nice. I happened to talk to them, got to know them a little bit – a teensy little bit as for how short time we spent together – and I got to like them. I guess that must be one cause, that I know I get to like people way too fast, thus I try not to get to know them, this way I don’t get to like them, this way I won’t miss them and/or I won’t get disappointed in them. I’m not good at human relations.

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Less wiser…

Proudly presenting, I’ve survived the removal of one of my wisdom teeth. I had serious doubts concerning my survival, given this was my first ever surgery – and I know I’m the luckiest girl to say this. I mean, that I’ve come this far in my life without serious butchering my body. I really don’t get why people have surgeries for “fun”. Like, I had a friend who had a plastic surgery that I can totally approve of, but it was more a health-decision than vanity one… I’m not this vain… Not now, and probably never…

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Locsifecsi királynő – és tényleg az xD (Hun only)

Meg Cabot Queen of babbleSzóval Zimi megdobott Meg Cabot Queen of babble-jével. Azt mondta, szerinte ez tetszeni fog nekem, meg azt is, hogy Orsinak ezt vette meg 30. szülinapjára, csak magyarul. Magyarul Locsifecsi királynő a címe. Mert, hát, tényleg az…

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Assassin’s Creed (Hun only)

Assassin's Creed poster

via foxmovies.com

Amikor Zitával hirtelen felindulásból WarCraftot néztünk, akkor eldöntöttük, hogy az Assassin’s Creedet teljes kocka-pukkasztó harcidíszben nézzük meg: magassarkú, full-smink, műszempilla meg minden.
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