It’s like sushi! *facepalm*

Interesting times we live in, don’t you think?
I kind of lost track of time already with my routines disappearing. And for a change I don’t know how this post is going to turn out, but why not write a bit? It’s too dark for painting/drawing anyway. Has that ever stopped me from doing so? Umm.. No. XD

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Beautiful day

I’m alive. Summer is here.
Why is that when I feel like blogging I don’t have time, when I make time, I might not necessarily feel like writing? It’s a beautiful day afterall… And for a change… It’s not (just) fangirling. ;P

Warning: this post may contain visuals you were not prepared for. *evil laugh*
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Poets of the Fall

Végre, végre, valahára láttam a Poets of the Fallt élőben. Aaaaaa… És még annál is jobb volt, mint amire számítottam, pedig elég magasak voltak az elvárásaim. Újabb erősen elfogult, rajongós bejegyzés következik.

After more than a decade of waiting, my time finally came. And I saw Poets of the Fall live! And it’s been even better than what I expected, even though I had pretty high expectations. This is going to be another fangirling post – although, good news is, I’m trying to make the English version more reader friendly. ;P

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Máté Bence: kiállítás /exhibition

Itt a nagy Bertie Gregory rajongásomban mik ki nem derülnek! Máté Bencének kiállítása van a Bazilika téren. Mármint a Szent István Bazilika előtti téren, aminek úgy nézem Szent István tér a becsületes neve. Szóval nekem hirtelen nagyon fontos kiállítás nézhetnékem támadt. Budapesten kívül még másik 7 városban is megtekinthetők lesznek a képek, minden infóért katt ide.

In case you’re in Budapest this month and you happen to find a bit of time to visit St. Stephen’s Basilica or at least the square in front of it, have a look at the exhibition of this awesome Hungarian wildlife photographer, Bence Máté.

Or! Have a look at the official site and see the upcoming venues of the same exhibition. So far 8 Hungarian cities have been announced to give place to his wonderful photos. Enjoy!

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A post full of flying F*s

I’m done with birthdays. I don’t even care how round it might get. I’m also done with gift-wrapping. Saying it as I see the picture of all the stuff I need to wrap up in my mind. I’d act as a drama queen and say how people don’t appreciate all the work I put in their birthdays, but right now it would be so not true. Pretty much everyone appreciated what I did. Great, it was worth then.

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A lot more shades of grey

Although I used to have a period when I was wearing a LOT of black (according to family, I was wearing only black) I don’t think I’ve ever accepted the world as a black or white place to be. At least for me life’s never been that easy to handle. Too many point of views, too many different shades of grey. There were few issues though which have been pretty close to being just black or white and apparently, even those are a lot more grey than I used to think. Fuck. It feels like I need to totally fine-tune the system. Again. Continue reading

Alice Cooper: Fezen vs. Nova Rock (Hun only)

NovaRock Alice Cooper 2016Tavaly jól nem blogoltam sem az Alice Cooper koncertről, sem a fesztiválról magáról. Ha már idén dupláztunk, akkor éppen ideje lenne. És most még éppen kedvem is van, úgyhogy meglátjuk, mi lesz belőle… Continue reading

Locsifecsi királynő – és tényleg az xD (Hun only)

Meg Cabot Queen of babbleSzóval Zimi megdobott Meg Cabot Queen of babble-jével. Azt mondta, szerinte ez tetszeni fog nekem, meg azt is, hogy Orsinak ezt vette meg 30. szülinapjára, csak magyarul. Magyarul Locsifecsi királynő a címe. Mert, hát, tényleg az…

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Counterfeit! et al.

Na jó, és Zebrahead és Anti Flag és Billy Talent is. 🙂 De azért főleg Counterfeit. ❤

Okay, there was also Zebrahead and Anti Flag and Billy Talent as well. 🙂 But mainly Counterfeit! ❤

Fangirling mode: ON.

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