Knee deep in…

I’m grounded. For a week. Not forever, but it feels like. The doctor said the other option is the operating table. … … … The news is so fresh I’m still in self-pity phase.

It’s incredible how much you can fuck up your life with one small decision. Snowboarding seems like fun, let’s go!

Snowboard all day, party all night, fun I say, fun! Oh my, how much I messed up my knees… Idiot.

I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t fun, but I’m not sure it was fun enough to worth this. The mountains were wonderful though. Lovely weather – I think we were really lucky. The parties were good as well, Afrojack etc. I don’t even remember the rest. It was so long ago. xD Oh, and I remember that pizza! With the smoked salmon topping. It was sooooo delicious! I remember our bus breaking down on the Italian highway at night. That was when I got cold. Oh my, I was sooo sick when I got home. And then half-a-year of constant pain in both my knees. And I just recently started to feel like I could get them back into shape – like kind of – not good as new, but pretty good shape. If you see what I mean.

Think pink was my old blog, but lately I’m trying to finetune my thoughts to positive. Like, let’s see what good comes from being grounded. … … …

think pink…

think pink…

… … …

Think pink, you can figure something out. You always can.

I’ll try to sort out a lot of photographs. We’ll see how far I’m getting with that. I want to sort out a LOT of old photos and then I want to print them all. I’m dreaming of a huge wall full of my pics. I mean, travelling pics, friends, family, animals and some of me – not a huge wall of selfies. But I guess that would be a really pretty wall. xD

Orsi and Zimi said they are coming over this upcoming weekend. With all the kiddos. Now, that’s going to be interesting. But I’ve got tea and chocolate, so I think we’re good to go. Well, we’ll see if there’s any chocolate left for the weekend…

So, I could finally focus on planning “Seattle 2019” – I pretty much know where I want to go, I just need to look up good flights and accomodation. Oh yeah and I’ll need to rent a car. A small one. I wonder if I can get a small one in the USA. LOL And everyone cross their fingers so that the restaurant in the Space Needle opens up again so that I can have that dinner I’ve been dreaming of. Hahaha!

So, let’s see what happened lately. I’ve been thinking about writing a separate post about my acrylic painting experience last week. In a nutshell, it was a very surprising success! I’ve been drawing kind of a lot lately, which is always good. Creativity is flowing… Whatever.

Julie (and Alex) was (were) in Budapest in January and as always, it was so nice hanging with her (them). Of course Mark joined in the fun. We’ve tried this little sushi place I heard a lot about. I also checked another sushi place I was curious for later with Zita. And the plan is we’re going to a third place with Pajul when she comes home for our birthdays. Oishii!

So, at the end of last year all media was full of the ads of this new place, “selfie museum”, you could even win vouchers to see it. And you know how I’m with giveaways… And I was like, selfie museum?, no thanks. Guess where we ended up with Julie and Mark? And guess how much fun we had? Lots! Like really. Of course my posing abilities are far from them artists’, but we laughed so much! And they also came to my town. Julie’s grandfather joined them and although we had some language barriers it was still really nice meeting Igor’s dad. 😀

Okay, I’m just back from the ultra sound exam and all seems to be right. Which I think is a good thing. Maybe this resting thing really works. So, my mood is a lot better. Which means… Enough of blogging! 

One more thing though… all you young things… Just because you CAN, doesn’t mean you should. When all those old hags tell you stuff like “you won’t be young forever” and “take care of your body when you’re young” etc., it’s because they have been young once and did all their own share of stupid self-destruction. Listen to them.

xoxo D.

Ps.: News! Finally figured out that the fish I called mayor fish is actually lagoon triggerfish.

Listen to: Don Diablo feat.  Emeli Sandé & Gucci Mane – Survive

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