Weirdest thing ever, it’s today I felt like blogging…. Whatever. Let’s just think pink. Like my new dress. Now, that’s effing pink. But it looks good on me and the plan is, I’m even going to wear it. Like, really. The plan is I’m going to wear my other dresses as well. Julie is some serious inspiration it seems. LOL.

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The last one (./?)

IMG_0238 3a

I ❤ Swarovski

Okay, maybe I’m a bit dramatic when I say this might be my last post, but hey, it might! Let’s just say I’m not sure of the outcome of Wednesday. I keep seeing the worst case scenarios and they are not pink. More like red. Blood red and black.

On the other hand people basically are good. At least I try to think that. And I’ve got trusting issues, so hopefully the problem is in my own mind and not out there. So, let’s just try to distract my toughts. What happened this past month? Continue reading

Chaos Queen

How can that be, that seemingly nothing happens while there’s a lot going on and I hardly can catch up with my own life that’s supposed to be boring. Did this make any sense?

It’s an effing rollercoaster. Really. One moment I’m like my life is all fucked up the other I know I’m the luckiest girl on this planet. *deep breath – keep in – let out* Continue reading

I’m not even your fan, let alone your groupie…

Following up on my last post… I just can’t wait for Boyan’s presentation on the 3rd. Really. I want to see him succeed. I just need this kind of inspiration not to lose all hope… in kind of everything… xD Continue reading

May the 4th be with you… xD

Okay, so the force is with me and I’m writing another news post. No big deal though, no serious excitement in my life… But some nice memories for sure, viva friends. 🙂 Continue reading

Tokyo Sky Tree et al…

Május 22-én nyitják meg a nagyközönség előtt a világ legmagasabb szabadon álló tornyát Tokióban. A Tokyo Sky Tree 634m magas és lényegében az első dolog volt, amit Tokióból láttam.

Tokyo Sky Tree – with its 634m height – has been one of the first things I’ve seen from Tokyo. The official opening of the world’s highest free standing tower’s going to be held on 22nd May so I couldn’t visit it when I was around.

Japan 2012


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