Less wiser…

Proudly presenting, I’ve survived the removal of one of my wisdom teeth. I had serious doubts concerning my survival, given this was my first ever surgery – and I know I’m the luckiest girl to say this. I mean, that I’ve come this far in my life without serious butchering my body. I really don’t get why people have surgeries for “fun”. Like, I had a friend who had a plastic surgery that I can totally approve of, but it was more a health-decision than vanity one… I’m not this vain… Not now, and probably never…

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Counterfeit! et al.

Na jó, és Zebrahead és Anti Flag és Billy Talent is. 🙂 De azért főleg Counterfeit. ❤

Okay, there was also Zebrahead and Anti Flag and Billy Talent as well. 🙂 But mainly Counterfeit! ❤

Fangirling mode: ON.

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