Less wiser…

Proudly presenting, I’ve survived the removal of one of my wisdom teeth. I had serious doubts concerning my survival, given this was my first ever surgery – and I know I’m the luckiest girl to say this. I mean, that I’ve come this far in my life without serious butchering my body. I really don’t get why people have surgeries for “fun”. Like, I had a friend who had a plastic surgery that I can totally approve of, but it was more a health-decision than vanity one… I’m not this vain… Not now, and probably never…

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Smink: nappaliból esti / Make-up: Day to night

nappali smink day look MakeUpDorieNem olyan régen találtam egy versenyt, ahol a téma az volt, hogy nappaliból éjszakaivá varázsoljuk a sminkünket. Nekem épp mennem kellett egy megbeszélésre, ahová úgyis sminkeltem, szóval a nappali adott volt, aztán hazaérve még átalakítottam kicsit. Olyan jól néztem ki, kár, hogy semmi programom nem volt az estére. 😦

Not long ago I found this make-up contest where the theme was day-to-night. I had an appointment for which I did my make-up anyway so that was it for the day look and when I got home I turned it into the night look. I really like how it turned out, what a pity I didn’t have any special program for that night. *sigh*

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