A post full of flying F*s

I’m done with birthdays. I don’t even care how round it might get. I’m also done with gift-wrapping. Saying it as I see the picture of all the stuff I need to wrap up in my mind. I’d act as a drama queen and say how people don’t appreciate all the work I put in their birthdays, but right now it would be so not true. Pretty much everyone appreciated what I did. Great, it was worth then.

I’ve been stressing over my Mum’s 60th birthday party for so long. And it turned out pretty well. Yeah, it was nice, although I pretty much missed it as I’ve been in the kitchen most of the time. I’m pretty pleased with the cranes decoration. You know I made the 60 little cranes, because they would look good. And then I realized I could make some bigger ones for extra decoration – so I cut up a number of magazines and made a nice bunch of cranes. I called them fleets though. And also I call my cranes chickens, just in case I’d write it here accidentally. I call all kinds of birds chicken anyway. So, I’ve made a number of fleets and then I realized how cool it would be to make 365 of them. So I had a few nervous breakdowns when I realized I would not have all 365 of them on time. But I also had some leftover butterflies from Bente’s decoration and I made a number of new butterflies and finally they have been mixed. Like, the cranes with the butterflies and beads. A lot of beads.

origami daru crane decoration

I’m kind of upset about washi tape again. When you are getting used to them, you think they actually are more than just pretty patterned crappy tapes then they just don’t hold the least bit, your glassbeads break, the decoration looks cheap crap and you mindfully order your own head not to explode. If you see what I mean. I’m still not sure if it’s all washi tape or I wasn’t lucky when buying them. For a shitload of money though. The value of a given amount of money significantly rises when you realize how the actual product does not meet your expectations.

origami daru crane decorationI just dissected the old purses that died due to fatal organ defects. Like the materials they were made of got old and basically “rotted”. Which is kind of okay when we’re talking about that cheap darling I have been wearing for years – everyone thought it was some expensive designer bag when I actually just found it at a second hand shop – although I’m pretty sure it was brand new. But when the expensive bags with the labels on them do the exact same thing without much less or hardly any using now that makes me furious. It took me some while to just sit down and dissect them. I was trying to figure out if they can be used for something, if there’s a place where you can take these kind of worn stuff where they know how to recycle them the best way, but I got to the conclusion they are just going into the trash and probably into landfill. That’s it. I wondered if the designer knew that the material they were using is going to come to such a disgusting end – judging from the beautiful assembly they didn’t. Fucking disappointing. NO wonder I’m on a bag-stop.

So, I was sitting on the floor, middle of the room, listening to some live-broadcast of a party on the radio – pretty loud – when I hear these weird sounds. And first I was like what was that? And then I heard it again and again and it sounded like animals shrieking from outside – through the music so I turned the radio off and there it was. I was not hallucinating. And it wasn’t coming from outside. It was coming from inside. Like there’s this part of the attic where we’ve heard them moving several times. Some kind of weasel or so. I’m not even sure what exactly it is so I’m going to call it a weasel. But it was 2 of them and their sounds were terrifying. So terrifying I started to tremble even though I did know what was going on and where. It’s so weird how deep these panic-reactions must be coded in our systems. Have you ever heard cats fighting? That’s not a pleasant sound either, but this was a lot worse. Brrrr…

Back to the birthday. I was such a kitchen ninja, you wouldn’t believe. I myself hardly belive the vegetarian muffins I made. The thing is I was told I should drink this juice: 1 beetroot, 1 apple and 1 carrot – and it’s kind of yummi as long as you drink it. Then it leaves that disgusting beetroot taste in your mouth  and you want to throw up the whole thing. I’m sorry darling, our love is dismissed by the heavens (whatever). The other day I found this piece of discussion with my friend:

me: What’s that?
her: Courgette.
me: Mehh, if that’s good for you…
her: Is there any vegetables you like?
me: You’re starting to get it…

Okay, so the gadget gets the juice out and that leaves me with some leftover kind-of-dry remains of the veggies. So I used that as a base for the vegetarian muffins which turned out not pretty but kind-of-yummi. In a vegetarian way. It’s a weirdly balanced flavour of greens and sweets, and you can taste the banana in it and it’s weirdly good. Pali said it’s really good so he’s keeping me (kitchen ninja turned into kitchen slave) – and he’s a vegetarian. Jani wasn’t that happy about it, but he’s probably more of a predator than I am. LOL I was worried about the not-vegetarian muffins though. They turned out really nice but I only made 12 of them. Well, I’m not sure I should have made them at all. Turned out only my sis ate one. Bahh… Okay, to be honest Kati brought 3 different types of her cakes/sweets/whatever you call them and she’s a kitchen-genius. Still…

Boldog szülinapot felirat - happy birthday sign

I finally managed to finish the “happy birthday” sign too. It’s different from the one I made for Zimi. It doesn’t look like what I planned, but it’s okay. You know the “nailed it” memes and collections concerning (messy) DIY things? Okay, it’s a little bit like that, but I don’t care. It’s not that bad and Mum likes it. That’s all.

Boldog szülinapot felirat - happy birthday sign

nailed it LOL

Now it feels like I’ve got a lot of free time suddenly, but when I think of it, nope, not really. I should prepare for the upcoming trip to Japan. YES! Japan! And I’ve got a lot to do. Right now it seems, day after tomorrow I’m finally meeting with Ria and her new cat Rambo (#3 LOL)*. I’d really like to go back and play with Drazsé again. *sigh* I’d also want to just hang with friends. Go to the cinema or something. There’re these films, The shape of water and I, Tonya that I’d like to watch. I know, so much cultural programs. XD But, I’ve already read like 5 books this year. Yeah, really. I mean it, REALLY.

*Note: instead of going to Ria’s to play with the cat I’m stuck in bed, sick. And it’s NO fun. No exercising. No cat-petting. No lingerie shopping. No sportswear shopping. No fun, just coughing my lungs out. FUCK.

Okay, the books I’m reading are Gossip girl books, which should make me feel embarrassed, but nope, it doesn’t. I’ve got some emotional turmoil going on concerning the fact 10 years ago (yes, that’s a decent decade) I was in Dubai, kind of having the time of my life. And for some (not clarified yet) reason it feels like going through the Gossip girl books is going to be good for me. I remembered I liked them. I don’t remember the stories or only a few parts I do remember. Well, it’s kind of entertaining. Kind of annoying – probably because I’ve grown out of the target audience group. And ridiculously inconsequent. Now, reading it, I remember I was mad about these inconsequences back then. But really, this is just crappy. I totally feel the whole series is overhyped. I’ve only seen like the first season – which is a pity, but you know how I’m not a series watcher. I remember the first episode more or less covered the first book and then the whole thing went off to new roads. Ways. Whatever. It gets more annoying by each book. Let’s milk the cow type of annoying. With all those inconsequences. I mean, how much did the author like her own story or respected it or its readers if she dared to publish the books like this? It’s pretty disappointing. I wonder what I want to do with this series. I might just keep them anyway, they are pretty easy to read and totally teenager compatible so Tara and Milla might practice English with them. How to mess up your friends’ kids’ values. xD

Yesterday I watched Oscar. What a classic. LOL I just love this film! And that’s all. I tried to be creative while staying in bed, but even my creative vibes are down. Bahh… I was thinking a lot about this whole birthday issue. Like this post is not mainly about the birthday issue. So, at least 2 of the guests arrived feeling crap. 3, but she came from the dentist. So, when there’s a round birthday like this and you’re invited. And you want to be there and you know the others want you to be there. And you know you feel like crap. In the middle of flu season. What is the right way to handle the situation? Because if you don’t come, it sucks. If you come, it sucks. I guess I would still go though, but I’d make it clear I’m not feeling well and I’d skip the hugging and kissing rounds. Like, I know I prefer to skip those anyway, but you get the point.

origami daru crane decorationEven though this birthday party was kind of a success (and kind of disaster if I think about how crap I feel and how Mum’s totally sick too) I still don’t feel like having any party-like-thingies for my own. I remember the last one. I mean the last time I tried to celebrate mine. And it was fucked up big time. That’s the short version to put it so I think, I’ll just keep the rest to myself. I can’t really make family skip it and I’m okay with it as long as I get my pancake-cake. I could totally love a pancake cake right now. If I thought about it sooner I could have made some pancake batter and have some pancake now. I might make some tomorrow. I might not go to exercize afterall.

Okay, enough. I’m sneezing and coughing and I don’t feel like looking at the monitor. I should just find a few pics to put in this post. Later.

So, here I am fightng to find acceptable pictures to insert in the post. Not much luck. I’ve watched I, Tonya since I stared this blogport – some time ago – and it’s pretty cool. A friend got mad at me because “the plan was we’re watching it together” but really, I don’t give a single flying fuck. I’ve missed out on so many things in my life just because I was waiting for friends to have time for me and our “we’re going to do this together” programs.

Take care / get better soon!

xoxo D.

Listen to: Alexiane – A million on my soul


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