A lot more shades of grey

Although I used to have a period when I was wearing a LOT of black (according to family, I was wearing only black) I don’t think I’ve ever accepted the world as a black or white place to be. At least for me life’s never been that easy to handle. Too many point of views, too many different shades of grey. There were few issues though which have been pretty close to being just black or white and apparently, even those are a lot more grey than I used to think. Fuck. It feels like I need to totally fine-tune the system. Again.

As if I were that good in finding some order in my chaos. As if I were able to clean up this mess. Every once in a while I do try and end up even deeper in this… abyss… xD

Bahh, enough of being this poetic, enough of being so philosophical. I’m the Chaos Queen afterall, I’m going to figure this out. Or not. I’ve got more important things to figure out. Like teleportation. Or teletransportation or however you say that in English. I want to go back to my sharkies and I want to go back to my green pond at the break of Gold Creek falls… And I want to go to a number of places, just to super-charge the batteries. Just to get away for a few hours. I want to hang out with friends who are on the other side of the planet, etc. And I just want to be there and then be back in my own bed, not messing with travelling and booking accomodation and stuff. You get the point.

w\ Orsi & Mark ;P

So, we’re done with the end of the year holidays. Winter break I’d say if it was any break, but due to all the birthdays etc., it’s not really a break. I kind of envy those for whom it is. With Orsi we went to the circus to see their Christmas show in which Márk had 2 acts – one with his hula-hoops and one aerial hoop. It was great seeing him on stage. I’ve seen him on the silver screen already and of course when we were photographing him with Ricsi (obviously him photographing an me doing the make-up) and all the videos, but honestly, his aerial act looked a LOT more scary now that he was doing it at like ~8 m high or so. And Márk is just awesome. Really. I’m so lucky to have such awesome friends. ❤

I’ve also gone to see this children’s musical Dream Traveller with Tara which was cool. Tara’s parents were worrying so much even I started to worry myself, although at the beginning I was totally sure nothing would go wrong. And of course there were no real problems, Tara was a bit hyper but that’s all. I expected that. The show was cool – wonderful visuals, cute story, totally entertaining. Fun, I say fun. 🙂

My average musical consumption has raised to 1 weekly which is weird, but nice and I’m pretty sure it’s going back to mainly zero then one once in a while soon. Anyway, I also watched We will rock you musical (change language on bottom of page) which was another great show. Set and costumes designed by Kentaur – OMG. ❤ Fun story, great artists, Queen songs – of course. Fun! I should go to “theatre” more often. I get to this conclusion pretty much every time I see any plays/shows. ^_^

It’s a lot more probable I’m just ending up in the cinema. My bro made me watch Thor: Ragnarök which was fun. Then we watched Bad Moms Christmas with the girls (Zimi, Orsi and Kati – WOW for such a company, even though Ria finally couldn’t make it) and I also watched Viszkis with Maya. Viszkis is a story of a famous Hungarian bank robber – the film itself was a bit long, but interesting. I was small when he was The News all the time for a long time, but I haven’t paid much attention. Probably because I was more concerned about the adventures of Sailor Moon. I am kind of still more concerned about Sailor Moon than about bank robbers. Except if it’s Sailor Moon and her scouts who catch the robber. But they are more into demons, so… I think it’s better if I skip this line of thoughts. I still haven’t seen the new Star Wars film yet and I don’t know when I’m gonna watch it. I’m not that interested, I think in March Han Solo is coming out (LOL – this sentence is funny) to cinemas, guys, to cinemas… Or in May? In March the new Tomb Raider is coming. Okay, let’s skip the cinema topic.

So, my tan is fading, I feel like I can’t meet my friends even though I kind of meet them once in a while. Like Zimi and #2 came over the other day, it was soooo nice! 😀 I had the weirdest dream then – but that’s another and long story. Not that long. Whatever. I’ve been to Orsi’s place at New Year’s Eve, playing board games (including Police – Hungarian version of Scotland Yard, and Battlestar galactica) with some familiar faces. I met Dóri when she was home for the holidays, accidentally met Yumi and JackD etc. and even managed to talk to Adri in December.

I haven’t made any resolutions for the new year. We’ll see what 2018 brings my way. Hopefully lots of adventures and fun, Fun, FUN! 🙂

xoxo D.

Listen to: Camelphat & Elderbrook – Cola

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