Hot mess…

Seemingly, this post doesn’t want to get finished… I’ve sat down a number of times already to just get my thoughts out of my head… And they don’t feel like getting out – at least not on this forum… So, if you don’t like messy rambling type of readings, just skip this post now. 🙂

Last year, I had effin’ high expectations. So high, there was no way they could have been reached. And they weren’t. But! Altogether I had fun. I had a great experience. I had moments that were so preciouos I don’t think I could ever forget them. And about the negative experience. Time heals all wounds. Some, not entirely, but as much as you need so you can go on.

Right now – for a change – I’m freaking out. I’m trying to blame it on a feminine hormone system or something like that, but really, what I should see is heaven and what I see is heaven turning into hell. And that’s not a nice view. Not at all. I need to pull myself together…

And long days have passed…

So, let’s see what’s pink. My sneakers. Big news, right? The news is they’re all muddy – that happens when you chose the wrong pair of shoes in the morning and you’re stuck with the ones which get soaked in like a minute walking in the rain in the evening. I’m cold. I wonder if I weren’t if I had that treadmill desk or whatever it’s called. I wonder if I could work that way at all.

Good things are happening. Pretty much, I’m the luckiest girl on this planet kind of things. It’s not like from one day to another all the little pieces found their places and it’s all perfect and miracle, but it’s surprising and fun and I myself hardly can believe them. I wonder what’s next. Old pattern sais too much good too much bad, but hopefully the old pattern has been changed and I try my best not to worry just enjoy it while it lasts. Hopefully for long.

Apparently even the universe doesn’t want to let me quit doing make-up. You know I’m pretty much on “make-up stop”, I only buy the make-up that I really need – which is more or less foundation type of products right now. I mean, I’m slowly running out of my Korean CC cream which I love – probably that’s going to be the next make-up product I buy. So, my way to get my hand on new stuff is to win them and as much as I was surprised I did, like I won the “Coffee day” (yes, LOL) facebook giveaway of Sigma and got a wonderful little package with basic products and brushes. Brushes. Like, BRUSHES. I love brushes! You all know I love brushes. I’ve got new brushes! And they are awesome and aaaaaaaa….

comic chick make-up look, Halloween, képregény smink

@ around 1am – I’m still no selfie queen xD

The plan is I’m going to this Marvel Halloween party. LOL again. I don’t plan any special make-up though. Nothing like my good old fave... I wonder if I’ll go at all. I feel like going out but I feel like rounding up under my blanket as well… xD We’ll see, we’ll see.

I should work on X-mas presents. I mean I need to figure something out. Something good. My creativity is not in top shape lately. I bought a nice pile of yarns for a project I realized is pretty much not feasible. At least right now, under the current circumstances. So I’m trying to figure out something else to do with my beautiful yarns and no idea… Even pinterest is not much of help. Someone save me! ^ _ ^’

comic chick make-up look, Halloween, képregény smink

a bit manga, ne? xD

Let’s see what happened since I got you up to date. I’ve met with Zimi several times. She helped me make dried apples – which I love. That’s why there’s not much left from the pretty big amounts we made… I might just get me a drying machine ( I don’t have a clue how it’s called). I’ve also visited Orsi – she’s fine, Lili is still cute – like that baby kind of cute. She’s not a proper drooling machine yet, but she’s getting there. XD I also met Zita, we had pho and did some shopping (me toothpaste shopping, before anyone accuses me of anything else ;P) – I’ll try to persuade her to come to the Halloween party with me. I’ve gone to the annual grill party of JackD’s – only few of us were present, but it was fun anyway. And seemingly we’re going to hang with Yumi often in the next few weeks as we’re attending a wedding planner course together. Yeah, really.

I didn’t spell it wrong it’s a wedding planner course. Totally. And Yumi and I are the ones we are talking about. I know it’s funny. Even funnier that I won this opportunity. Yes, another facebook giveaway. It’s totally shocking but just as cool as well. I know, I’ve got a little bit of addiction to facebook giveaways. But apparently it works. 😀 And I’m so greatful for this. Like, I wouldn’t have gone to this course. After the first occasion though, it seems like it’s a LOT better than I expected it to be and I might even think about enrolling in other courses of the same company. We’ll see.

I just got home from Bogdány city. I totally forgot about this coming up and wasn’t too happy about it, as I’ve got so much to do, I don’t have time to waste. Like, you know, the thing I’m pretty much doing now. I’ve been to “infra training” this morning. 8.30.
I. Am. Not. Sane.
So, we went to celebrate Raul’s nameday – in advance – and had a wonderful lunch and pancakes. Might not be the best way to get in beach-shape, but I don’t care. I pretty much could let it go. I don’t have a VS body. I will never have a VS body, I’m pretty and in pretty nic shape afterall. If anyone doesn’t like it, they can just turn away. So I just enjoyed the time at my sis’ place and that’s all. I finally started to experiment with my new yarns, I’m not sure how the thing I started is going to turn out, we’ll see.

Next week’s going to be so busy. I should start packing. I should write down what I still remember of my (yet another) weird dream. I should work on my paper basket. I should totally finish my glass of wine, my mug of tea and go to bed. I desperately need sleep.

And I’m sure even if I wait a few more days or a week, this post is going to get nowhere… So that’s it now. We’ll see when I’ll be able to blog again.

xoxo D.

Listen to: Tiga – Sunglasses at night


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