Less wiser…

Proudly presenting, I’ve survived the removal of one of my wisdom teeth. I had serious doubts concerning my survival, given this was my first ever surgery – and I know I’m the luckiest girl to say this. I mean, that I’ve come this far in my life without serious butchering my body. I really don’t get why people have surgeries for “fun”. Like, I had a friend who had a plastic surgery that I can totally approve of, but it was more a health-decision than vanity one… I’m not this vain… Not now, and probably never…

I’d start with let’s see what happened since my last post, but I know it’s been so long ago I hardly remember. Okay I do, but this is my blog afterall. So, it’s April. Like, really. This is insane. And I can’t really talk – I can, I just don’t feel like – so I decided it’s high time I have a look at my blog. And by second try I could even get in my account. All these password changes, my Gackt…

The best decision was to make some pancakes on Thursday, I like plain pancakes and it’s the easiest to eat tearing it up into small pieces. Boiled potatoes also seem to be a good friend of mine, not as if I didn’t love potatoe afterall…anyway…whatever…

As much as I try to think of other stuff to write about, I keep thinking about my tooth removal. And it’s MY blog… ;P So, my new dentist is pretty cool. And I say it after he tortured me for more than half an hour yesterday. He is nice and seemingly he just finds my at-the-dentist-behaviour entertaining, which is cool because my last dentist (who also was a great professional) just hated me for being openly scared all the time. He also let enough time for the anesthetic to work and it did, I really did not feel pain – then. xD He also warned me I still can feel the pressure and tension, well, I guess you need to have been put to sleep, like that deep medical sleep not to feel these. I also heard when my tooth broke. Turned out it was not just because it happened inside me, everyone else totally heard it too, but I was lucky and the broken part came out with the rest of the tooth saving us from another half an hour of torture.

Another good thing was, I realized in time the radio was on and asked for it to be turned up. I wouldn’t say my fave songs were on, but anyway, music is music and it helps calm me. It was funny how happy I was afterwards, when I realized I could talk. I also took photo of my bloody tooth out, I probably won’t put it online though. XD I can be some freak, LOL.

And I might also make some drawing inspired by that wisdom tooth… I did some pretty cool drawings lately. Kind of none is online yet. I have shown it to few friends only. I’ve got plans with them, we’ll see what the future brings. Like, my stamp dress might get published in a magazine. It’s pretty cool though it’s not in a public magazine, but a company one. And I’m still not sure about the whole thing, but even the possibility sounds fun. I’ve got too many plans for drawings, I wish I had the time and energy. And the technical knowledge. LOL And I wish I didn’t lose interest in kind of everything.

I’m not even that shattered about not being a make-up artist anymore. Like, technically I still am capable of doing pretty make-up, but officially I should get more qualification, so I think it remains a hobby. Comes to my mind, I haven’t even posted the pics of that photoshoot with Ricsi and Mark. I think I should work on my blog a bit more too. Ha-ha-ha!

Okay, blogging is not working for me right now… I’m going to sleep instead.

Sweet dreams!

xoxo D.

Listen to: David Guetta, Cedric Gervais & Chris Willis – Would I Lie To Yo


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