Weirdest thing ever, it’s today I felt like blogging…. Whatever. Let’s just think pink. Like my new dress. Now, that’s effing pink. But it looks good on me and the plan is, I’m even going to wear it. Like, really. The plan is I’m going to wear my other dresses as well. Julie is some serious inspiration it seems. LOL.

So, greatest surprise of this summer was Julie coming to Hungary. I haven’t seen her for 6 years and it was high time I hang with some inspirational people. It feels like my inspirational friends are kind of depressed lately. Apparently I can’t help them, even though I give it a try from time to time… Whatever… I was going for pink…

Dorie & Julie Fishermen's bastion Budapest Hungary 2016So, Julie came and we switched on tourist mode, visited the Citadel, the castle, we also walked a bit on Margit island. With her friend Mark we went to a circus at lake Balaton, then Julie stayed a bit at Szentendre as well. It was fun! Her staying reminded me how much I miss my foreign friends. And how they think totally different from the people I’m surrounded with. And how your surroundings effect your life even if you try not to blend in. Whatever…

I’m not sure this blogging thingy works for me now… I could finally talk to Adri this Monday. I was a bit worried we won’t be able to talk as there were some issues with our internet service, but the provider fixed the problem right on time so we could chat a bit on skype. If you can call a 5,5 hours session a bit of a chat. XD They are coming home in September and we sure will be able to meet. Yes! Dóri and Pajul are also coming home, Dóri today, Pajul next week. Hopefully Ria will be back in the city as well – however she’s just hiding herself and the family in the country.

Dad’s coming home tomorrow and the plan is we’re going to see the fireworks. Tomorrow. Not the day after. On the 20th, we’re going partying. At least that was the plan. We’ll see. Apparently I’ve got so many programs and things to do, I seriously need to use my diary/planner (whatever you call that thingy) to arrange everything. Which is good. I’m just tired. And exercizing isn’t even on the agenda. Which sucks. But from September the season starts and I’ll get back into shape. Hopefully. September’s going to be hectic. Do we use this word in English? Okay, seems like it exists. Good.

Guess what! Good news. I was so lucky I won the entire new collection “Liquid Metals” of Lit cosmetics. I can’t express how happy I am about that. Neither can I, how much I’m looking forward to recieve their package of beauties. My self-control is incredible when it comes to not buying any new make-up that’s not a necessity – like I should pick up some face cleanser, but that’s all. So, winning new make-up is my way to go. And it happened! LOL Can’t wait, can’t wait! Majority of that collection is unreleased yet. I want to see them all! On my table, right out of the package. Aaaaa… Patience is not my main virtue.

I’m also preparing for Kati’s wedding. I’m having the most beautiful mint green princess dress as a bridesmaid. Best thing is, I didn’t have to worry about my dress at all, because Kati chose it for me. And it’s perfect. 😀 She was here the other day to buy her shoes and some make-up for the wedding and I couldn’t help but pick up some Swarovski as well. Only 2 types and not too many of them at all. Really, self-control works. A bit too much self-control when it comes to going back for those shoes I didn’t buy the other day… week… month… But if it was meant to be mine it’s going to wait for me and its price will drop as well. LOL Ok, it’s not something I can’t live without. It’s too high and pale gold. You know, just the average stuff you jump in to run to the shop (on the cobble stoned streets of the town).

Dorie & Mark @ Chain bridge Budapest Hungary 2016Okay, what else? I think it was last week we went on a bubble tea “date” with Mark. This bubble teat thingy is cool. And we chatted a lot and walked around in tourist mode. Like we went up to the top of the tunnel under Buda castle I just learnt recently you can go up there and I was curious about it so with Mark we found our way up there. :) Beautiful night view of the Chain bridge etc. Also I saw one nice big shooting star that night when I got home and another one the next day or the following, I don’t remember precisely. :) I like shooting stars.

I like movie stars as well. Like Blake Lively, however, we were pretty much disappointed in her new film The Shallows. Maybe we had too much hope for a good shark movie… *sigh* We’ve also watched that comedy – Mike and Dave need wedding dates. It was kind of what we expected it to be. And, we’ve seen the most beautiful sunset after coming out of the cinema. And I got so mad at my camera… My old one took beautiful colourful pictures about sunsets and sunrises etc., but this one, a new one, a good one, you just can’t make it work. Even with the sunset scene function – that thing sucks bigtime. Okay, back to the movies. We’re planning on watching Bad moms with my mum friends. I wonder if we’ll be able to make it. It’s really a pain in the arse making plans with mums having 2 (or even more) small children. *sigh*

What else? Bea was home for some time, we only could meet twice, but at least we met twice. The kid is totally growing, when we first met they kind of just arrived and that was the first time he started walking, the next time we met was like 2 days before they went home and he was almost totally securely walking. Like in toddler style but still.

Dorie @ Veszprém zoo Hungary 2016We’ve been to the Veszprém zoo. It was a success this time. We got in, there was no crowd, there are a lot of adorable animals. Like the three playing lynx cubs… The sweetest thing ever! Unfortunately we couldn’t see the tiger babies. :( But I’ve learnt a lot about rhinos. Muhahhahaaaa… Like they are kind of house-trained. Muhahhahaaaa… Unfortunately I was so shocked I missed taking it on camera, but one rhino pooed on the other’s head. And the other one was walking around with a ball of shit on its horn for a good few minutes. Animals are the best. They are so naturally funny. <3

My animal was so naturally funny as well. I miss her. Still miss her. After the guys flew to Norway, Viki came to visit us in town and while walking around we found this adorable puppy. Her “mum” told us how she can’t live alone – so like 2-3 weeks within the death of a dog she needs the new one. Even though she’s got 2 others at home. It’s always interesting to see how people deal differently with the same issues. *sigh*

Okay, enoguh for now. I think I’ll add photos later. Or not. Whatever.

xoxo D.

Listen to: Son Lux – Lost it to trying



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