Boszi a la OlgiTwo fucking months. I’m staring at the clock and count the minutes… 2 months ago I still had a dog. Technically.
Yeah, I’m the one who’s crying more over her dog than lost family members. Actually, this little furball was a family member. Who can’t understand this can just go and suck on snails.

I’ll try to persuade the others to go to the zoo tonight (or tomorrow). There’s this Chinese lantern exhibition (or whatever they are called – Dragons’ Nights) and it’s high time we go and watch it before it closes.

So, let’s try to sum up what happened lately. Haha, lately. Yeah, since my last post. Guess what, I didn’t feel like writing. Plus, I agreed on helping with the translation of a fitness book so I’m working on that in my freetime. Except for now. Okay, I’m in the office now and should be dealing with the invoices… Whatever. I’m in rebel/FO mood now.


Poser like her mother was… ❤

Sometimes it pays off not deactivating my facebook and being a good FB droid. 🙂 I totally forgot about getting a Skype-virus. I got rid of it, but still, if you get any weird links from me, do NOT open it. Also I had to make a note about meeting with Mester. Haven’t seen him for ages. Literally. So sad. I totally love him! And apparently he still likes me (a lot) too. 😀

Oh yeah… Easter. Really. This year ther has been Easter as well. Okay, I’m really not in top-shape. So, instead of the usual hide-away Easter I ended up in Skanzen with Attila and Einon. It was soooo nice! Really! Such an awesome surprise. Thank you guys! 😀 Then I met Goten, JackD and even Yumi and Szandra, which sounds like some social life. Surprising, ain’t it?

Talking about social life. We’ve celebrated Goten’s birthday and Raul’s birthday along with sis’ nameday and Taki’s birthday as well… And I’ve been to the bachelorette party of Orsi which was pretty nice. Totally different from what we did for Zimi back then. I haven’t contributed much to this event now, but the girls did a great job. And of course there was Orsi’s wedding itself. Now that was a bit tiring, but it was also nice. Alice asked me last week if I’m the only one left who’s not married, oh well, proudly presenting nope. “Not in this mall. NOT in Dubai! NOT IN THE EMIRATES! Whatever… Just because some of my friends are married, there are a number of them who are not, let alone the tremendous amount of people in the town, city, country and continent… Bahhaaa… Leave me alone…

I wonder why people pick me to annoy the hell out of when they feel so generous to spread their wisdom about life and relationships. Not to mention their random intensions of presenting me to “angels like me”. Road to hell is paved with good intensions. No thanks.

Don’t take me wrong. I appreciate when people like me and worry about me and want to be cool enough to help me. Really, thank you. ❤ But please, save your superpowers for the times it is requested. It takes a lot of energy from my side not to tell you to fuck off and to actually answer in a polite and nice manner. Especially at 2am at a wedding where I’m already tired + I’m supposed to have fun.

DSC04979kbAnd once agian. No, I’m not an innocent angel. As Frank put it oh-so-well I’m an innocent danger. And you know the saying: Beware the fury of the patient man. Just because I do my best on a daily basis not to unnecessarily hurt people and I try to be kind as much as I can, I am not pure good. Noone’s pure good. Noone’s pure kindness. Noone’s perfect. And if you expect me to be perfect all the time, you’ll be very much disappointed. Just because I’m tolerant, doesn’t mean I’ll put up with all the shit you think you can throw at me.

I perfectly know what it feels like when you want to push someone’s limits. When you are just curious how much they will take. I know it because I do it too. I’m not proud of it, but there are certain people who bring the worst out of me. Whatever, I’m not going to discuss this now. I’m tired of the pressure of living up to the expectations I don’t even want to live up to. I just wish people let me be. I try my best let people to be themselves and I expect the same in return. Leave me alone…

I messed up my knees once again. Thanks to this past 3-day weekend and a lot of rest they are getting better, no constant pain while moving. But I think I’ll have to get an appointment with Gergő anyway. Before the translating project I did some reading. Got a Katie Fforde book from Zimi. She thought it’s the kind of book I’d like and theoretically she should have been right about it, but somehow it annoyed the crap out of me. I’ve almost finished The Mortal Instruments, but the last book I’m reading on screen and that’s not working too well for me. Plus, I’m not too pleased with the second 3 of the books.

Mac bi

My platinum blond Chewbacca

We’ve been to Kisfüzes too – I’m not sure when exactly. Dates are totally messed up in my head. It was nice. I kind of like that place and the fact it’s so end of the world my mobile doesn’t even work there. We’ve visited the new library. Imagine a very tiny little place – we’ve also brought a few boxes of books and magazines we don’t need anymore, but they were happy to recieve them. Vali’s really putting her heart into developing the village. And of course there was my baby, I mean the baby of my baby… He went all crazy abot us visiting, running like crazy, jumping up on us etc. So cool he never forgot us like Jessie finally did. And it’s also cool that Maci’s a lot more photogenic than her mother was. 🙂

And now, I’m about to put as much music videos in this post as I can. Okay, well, just my recent faves. Really… xD Nothing more. Just the new Unguided video starring Cat Casino (and not becasue of him, but it’s an awesome video – watch it!) and my fave (Latvian song) from the Eurovision Song Contest and of course my new anthem… And maybe a few more, we’ll see…

xoxo D.

Listen to: Justs – Heartbeat



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