Still breathing

old cosmopolitan magazine + a funny mug I got in Dubai - bringing up nice memoriesAs surprising as it is, that’s the case. I’m still breathing. I’m hungry though. And I can’t focus. I wonder why I just started to write…

<~ Look what turned up! 😀 Good old times…

…I may never find my way back to you, still I step into the flame…

widelife Tsavo East park KenyaIt feels like I’ve lost my Muse. It’s sad. Kinda sad. And that’s it. Weird. I guess I’ve been losing and finding him again so many times in these past years that I got bored of it. I’ll just need a new one. There are moments when it feels like my guardian angel could be a good muse, but I’m not sure if that’s a good idea. Nope, not a good idea.

I just want to grab a pillow and hit his head with it until it breaks – the pillow – obviously

I haven’t written a post like this for a long time now. Yeah, meanwhile I’ve been to Kenya. And it was kinda* fun. I’ve been out on the ocean fishing with the guys – of course we divided the labour equally. They were fishing I was sea-sick. We’ve been on a 3-day safari as well. Lots of animals. ❤ Good times. And the strangest thing happened. The tide has washed ashore a corpse, like 150-200m away from where we were sunbathing. (Me under the shades of course.) So, yeah, it’s been quite a trip. 🙂 Funniest thing is, an article was published about the fishing trip in a fishing magazine and the guys has put in a photo of me with the sailfish my dad catched and I posed with.

Malindi beach (Kenya) Indian Ocean night view

Malindi beach (Kenya) Indian Ocean ❤

*At the very end of the trip I had this … err… how to put it… let’s just say there was this damn drunk douch issue that almost ruined the whole experience. Don’t be surprised if I build a whole rage-post around it.

What else? Oh, well, I’d just go through my facebook page seeking for reminders but I have deactivated it. Yes, again.

So, Bente’s been visiting. I was happy to have her here, although things turned out pretty unfortunate with timing. Our trip and her birthday and stuff. Embarassing, but I still just hope she enjoyed her time here.

Ria had her second baby, but I think I’ve already mentioned this. Now Zimi has her second baby as well. And we’re preparing for Orsi’s wedding. Girly stuff.

I’ve visited Ria’s #2 in December, when Dóri was home from the UK and she came to visit too. Fun-fun times. With Zimi & Orsi we had our first board gaming evening in December and shortly before Zimi gave birth we had another one in January. I’d say I need to get a few new board games, but I know how much I’d use them. Carcassonne : South Seas, as well as Pandemic are both pretty cool though.

Malindi night sky (Kenya) I’ve got my new gadgets. I’m pretty happy with my camera. Really, look at this. I made this holding it in my hand by the pool side and yes, you can see the stars there. I love this pic. I also love my new phone. It’s exactly like the old one. Blue Nokia XpressMusic. Titus found it laying in the cupboard, her mum’s old phone. She’s used it for like 2 months or so. And she knew I love this phone and that I don’t want a smartphone so she gave it to me. She’s a total sweetheart. Not to mention the incredible amount of tea she gave me. Once again, just because she doesn’t like them and she knows I love tea. Life is wonderful. So is Titus! ❤

It was a pretty nice evening really. I haven’t met her for a long time. I wonder why we meet so rarely. So, we went to the cinema to watch Point Break 3D. I’ve wanted to watch it, but on premiere day (31st Dec) I only found one screening that would have been okay for me and it was 3D and I was like, I don’t want to watch it in 3D. So I went to watch it 1st Jan in 2D and I realized I had to watch it in 3D as well. Yep, that’s me. 😀

Thinking about 31st Dec, New Year’s Eve was pretty calm. I was doing hell knows what home, then by 11pm we went to the main square of my town as Brains was playing. It was so cold. -9°C or so, the singer thanked us for being with them in -100 degrees. But it felt so good. Closing that year with Brains, then fireworks (yes, I’m still a sucker for fireworks) and then starting the new year with Brains. This predicts a lot better year, but let’s not be over-spiritual.

Egyptian Ibis statue - broken *cries*And I try my best not to think bullshit behind the weird things that just happened. Like my Ibis statue breaking without any physical effect. Seemingly without any rational cause. I guess there must have been some pressure in the stone itself. Dela said – and she’s right – we don’t know what happened to it before it got to us. Still, it just made me break down too. Happens. I’m a bit over-sensitive. Big news. The other one was the bead I found in my bed the previous night. One pretty green seed bead – the type I’ve got on my bracelet. And this could be totally rational. I’ve lost so many beads of that bracelet these past 10+ years I’m wearing it, it wouldn’t be any surprise. Except. This bead is not broken. Not at all. And I know my bracelet and I know how I altered it during these years and as much as I studied it, there’s no way it could have just slipped off. I don’t get it. Not at all. Whatever.

In my last postfire-breathing dragon cake, Tűzokádó sárkány torta a la Dorie I mentioned some creative projects I was working on. Well, the stuffed fabric letters didn’t turn out anything good. ‘I’ is nice. The next one I tried to put together was “N” and I failed miserably. So much for that. The cake didn’t turn out as cool as I planned. Still, it’s pretty much a success. Admire my talent please. xD Click here for more pics and a long pep-talk that You can do it too! The others are coming in separate posts. 🙂

Also, in my previous post I rambled about Victoria’s Secret stuff. Well, once again, I’m totally up to date with their Youtube channel, which is a pity, but it was so much fun watching all the new videos this Sunday. xD And! Guess what! The plan was that I check the Victoria’s Secret shop at the airport and buy new bikini before Kenya. But, turned out the airport shops can’t sell bikinis. Like, W-H-A-T? They sell panties and bras and can’t sell bikinis. I don’t get it. Still, I did find VS products that I like. I picked up 3 lipglosses and I’m in love with them! Seriously! They are so gorgeous I never imagined! I even love the green one – I HAD to get that one. 😀 They smell wonderful, taste nice and sparkle like anything sparkly is expected to sparkle. My type of products. ❤

And talking about watching this and that, comes to my mind the new Star Wars film. Not as if I planned to watch it in the cinemas, but I’ve actually seen it on premiere day. And I’m really thankful for Goten for giving me his spare ticket as it was totally worth watching. It was just cool. 😀

by the road (Kenya) #nofilter

by the road (Kenya) #nofilter

It’s fun though, that he’s back. I like my crazy friends. Of course I miss quite some of them (Richi for example, I miss him badly lately – have you seen his new website?), but some leave and some come back and it’s nice like this. It seems that we’re going to some cosplay “farsang” (dress up party) end of the month. I should really start preparing my costume. xD And this gives me an excellent reason to go to that dance shop and buy – I don’t have illusions – a (half) handful of Swarovski crystals for a fortune. Tanzanite and Sun (AB) are the colours I totally fell for when browsing their site yesterday. Sun is damn expensive. Like double price of Tanzanite, but it’s SO beautiful I just want it. Of course we’ll see what I come out of the shop with. As far as I remember I didn’t exactly buy what I planned to last time either.

Oh well, I think that’s enough for now. By the time I add the pics I’ll be totally fed up with blogging. Yes, you must know when to stop. \m/ ;P

xoxo D.

Listen to: Dig the Kid – Still breathing


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