1% was the chance the ambulance men gave my cousin’s survival when the firemen cut him out of his car after a damned terrible accident, ~2 weeks ago. 1% is by far enough for me esp. as he was chit-chatting, joking non-stop for like 3 hours 1 week later when we visited him in the hospital.

He’s totally broken physically, but he’s a strong guy and he’ll get back on his feet in no time. Okay, at least half-a-year, but he’s so stubborn about his recovery he’s already in a LOT better shape than the majority would be after all he’s gone through. Don’t worry, I’m not going into details…

After the accident I remembered how I freaked out at the beginning of this year when I saw Grave of the fireflies is on TV. I wondered what sort of a year it’s going to be if it starts with Grave of the fireflies… And it’s like that… BUT! As much as you should never say it can’t get any worse – because it can, as much you should look forward for the good things, because it can always get better as well. 🙂

I’m going to guide today’s exercizing session. Haven’t done one in like half a year, okay, maybe not that long ago, but before the whole summer break like thingy. So I’m a bit nervous. I think we’ll do some hard-core stuff, if you get what I mean… I wish I wasn’t lazy and I did exercize at home as well… *sigh* All I can think of right now is food – for a change… I’m hungry. Damn…

And I just don’t get people. I’m not a people-person, I’m just me and as Tibi highlighted it to me, I’m not compatible with this world. I do my best not to agree with him… I’m just counting down (second by second) until my next getaway…*sigh*

Not as if I didn’t have a lot to do until then… Starting with getting a working camera, because I’m going crazy without any gadget that would provide me with photos… I mean decent photos. Like, technically the camera of my phone works, just it’s not really good for much… I’m thinking about having my small Nikon fixed, it turned out its software needs to getupdated. And I was like… W-H-A-T? You need to get updates for your camera? What the hell? Turned out I should have had it updated back when I won it, but noone said a word about it and as I just learnt the whole you-can-update-your-camera-software thingy a few days ago, well, you know how it is. You do NOT search for info you don’t have a clue about it exists at all. It’s like in school. Everything’s clear? Raise your questions now. And if you dare to say “Um, well, I don’t get it.” There is the: what is it you don’t get? Err, well, I don’t know what I don’t get, that’s the point. If I knew what I don’t get I’d more or less get it. Whatever…

I’m sewing some room-decor stuff for Ria’s 2nd baby, Dani, who’s almost became a Marty Mcfly, but missed it by being lazy… Bahh, I’d totally have called him Marty instead of Dani. But Dani will be fine. 🙂 So I’m trying to put together these stuffed fabric letters and it’s a pain in the… Actually, sewing is a lot less easy than it seems to be and I come across this each and every time I sew.

I’m also working on some other decorations, but I won’t go in details as I don’t have a clue if certain people read this blog or not. The plan is I’m going to have a working camera by the time I finish it. I’m also planning on doing some advanced style cake, which is pretty funny as I’m not that good with beginner style cakes either. But for some weird reason I do believe I can do this. 😀 I also thought I could do what I planned for this Halloween, but apparently, I’m not going anywhere this year, so I stopped working on it. Not as if I could achieve anything at least slightly acceptable on paper. And if I can’t do it even on paper, I don’t know how I could put it through on myself…

I’ve got a number of friends who watch series, a lot of them. Most of them I’ve never heard of before, and then the series are over and they cry. Now I cry. Okay, not really, but I’m totally up to date with Victoria’s Secret’s Youtube channel and it’s been a pretty good way to relax for a long time now… Like, yes, I did watch all their YT videos, back to 2008. And I still hope the next time I walk into a VS shop I will find something I like enough to actually buy it. Occasionally I go on their website to see if there’s anything that seems interesting, but well… Hope dies last. I love the image, I love their models, I LOVE their shows. I’m totally neutral to their products. C’est la vie.

I want sushi. I don’t know, it just came to my mind. But it’s true. And it just came to my mind that Duncan’s dead. Duncan McLeod, the siamese fighting fish. I liked that fish. Not as sushi, but as a friend. Okay, this is weird… I’m hungry, I can’t think straight. I’ve watched Prince of Persia yesterday and I still love it. I think I’ll look for some figure-skating version of Prince of Persia…  Someone come skate with me! It’s getting cold, the rinks are opening, I want to have sushi and I want to go skating. I really should just finish this post. Like, NOW.

Gimme food!

xoxo D.

“It is said some lives are linked across time. Connected by an ancient calling that echoes through the ages.”

Listen to: Alanis Morissette – I remain


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