She’s a mundane! And he’s like a puppy…

Okay, so the thing is… I like when I smile and laugh so much my face hurts/cramps. Because in its weird painful way it’s the way I should be all the time. Maybe face muscles also get used to this kind of exercizing. I don’t know. I hope so. *grins*

So, let’s just start from the beginnings. After my last post I had plans – for the rest of that long weekend. No suprise they were changed. Like, how could I say no to an offer to go to Veszprém zoo? I woke up early, I cancelled my plans, I was almost total “zen and worldpeace” in all the traffic jam caused by the reconstructions and all kinds of events throughout Budapest. Then, a lot later than we should have, we arrived to an incredibly crowded parking area of the zoo, with an even more incredible crowd of people waiting to get in the zoo. And that was it. No zoo for me. Us, sorry, us. So we decided to go up and visit the castle and have a late lunch there. For a change I visited a number of churches in inappropriate clothing, but did not get kicked out of anywhere this time. The lunch was nice, but I totally freaked out when I could sum up the messed up day by cancelling my programs for not getting inside the zoo, visiting churches and a castle which pretty much looks like Buda caste and visiting a feLugosi, Wahorn and efZámbó exhibition. For those of you who might not be familiar with them, they are modern painters/artists from MY town, Szentendre. Of course it was a nice visit to Veszprém really, I was just totally annoyed by that whole day not meeting any of my expectations. I tried the cake of Hungary 2015 which is pretty good and I learnt (what I think I should really have known already) that feLugosi is just Laca… but I wanted to visit the zoo. I wanted to see (and pet) animals. I wouldn’t have woken up this early to just visit some curches… Bahh…

I know, I know, I’ve got my dog whom I can pet as much as I want to (which is never enough for her), but that’s not the same. Esp. as she’s getting old. Okay, I can pet her as much as I want to, but she’s not the same -she’s still pretty cool before you think I’ve got bored of her. Nope. Never. I love dogs afterall. 😀 We’ve been to the vet often lately. Have I told you, she’s really getting old? She’s okay, no worries. But guess what! While she was ultra-sounded (this sounds weird) I almost fainted. I’ve never done something like this before (or at least I don’t remember) and it’s not as funny as it sounds first. It’s nothing extramely scary either, it’s more like not really understanding what’s going on. Strange… Fortunately I stayed conscious and got better enough so that I could drive home safely. XD Weird things happen, weird things… xD

Even weirder things are people themselves. Paula was home for a short time and I’ve gone to her house party (her friends are weirdos – including me – hehe), even better, we’ve gone clubbing twice. OMG, people… No wonder I’m antisocial. Did you know that I’m liberal? I mean, I look liberal. He? I find this a weird way to approach someone, just going up to them and asking if they are liberal, because they do look liberal. WHAT? I also learnt that I’m a latino beauty and that if I am not a latino than my wonderful tan must be because of my summer vacation. My what? Oh, yeah, I’m famous for my icredible tan. And apparently I’m mean if I make remarks on how he would need glasses. And I don’t mean shots. But! Even better, I learnt that I’m agressive. Just because I warned this total stranger that if he ever lays his hand on me again I’m going to break his arm. Okay, I just don’t get people. And apparently they don’t get me. So I’m either not a mundane or I don’t know. Candice turned out to be a mundane afterall…

Some people seem to like me for being a weirdo. Like my old collegues with whom we reunited at my ex-boss’ wedding. It was such a lovely evening, OMG. I wish I didn’t have to work early the next morning… I cannot wait for the photos and I’m so happy I could finally hang with this group of incredible people again. Kind of same applies for the grill-party I went to this past weekend. Old friends, food and laughing. I got to meet JackD-s little son, who apparently just loved my apple-cupcakes and got to know his wife better – she’s cool. He even found like 15-year-old video footages of the good old meet times… Oh My Gackt… Luckily I haven’t been there when they recorded. Seemingly they accept me for who I am as well and that’s always heartwarming. The weird thing is – yes, this post is all about weird things – as good and comfortable I feel myself surrounded with these people as much I wanted to run out of the world after this weekend. Monday was the worst, I just wanted to get as far from here as I could, of course I couldn’t get nowhere…  Except for the next town to shop for cleaning supplies for the office… Bahh…

I won’t start rambling about how cool going to the cinema all alone is, whatcing whatever they just play at the right time, only for you in that whole big theatre room… I’ll just leave you with this Kickstarter masterpiece Kung Fury… No comment. Just watch it. It’s not (that) long. ;P

xoxo D.



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