Eyes on…

Apparently, I’m getting better. And that is great! 😀

Proof is: I’m feeling more and more uncomfortable watching Game of Thrones cruelty. I feel like meeting and talking to people. I feel like doing creative stuff. Etc.

I’ve been living a bit of off-life lately. I didn’t feel like ruining the mood with hanging on the net all the time. I should make a Hungarian blog post about some of the places, I’ve been to lately. Like Bible of Vizsoly, honey & bees related stuff, and some lecsó festival critics.

Talking about honey, I’ve been eating royal jelly for a few months now. I don’t witness much change, but I guess that’s because I’m just basically healthy. 🙂 So when I ran out of royal jelly I tried to call this guy (my supplier) Gergő from Mézmúzeum (museum of honey), but for some reason* he didn’t pick up the phone and never called back. I didn’t write him an e-mail with my order as I’m just well, lazy and I didn’t feel like writing, I’m oldschool, not into online shopping etc. I know I’m the nightmare of service industry.

So, when we went for a trip to that end-of-the-world region (Zemplén area, close to the Slovakian border) and we were driving by an apiary on our way to Vizsoly (we went to see the Bible – the first printed Bible in Hungarian – you know historical stuff) I thought I don’t remember where Mézmúzeum is located exactly, but somewhere far and hidden, how fun it would be to just look out the window of the car and spot it. Well that didn’t happen. We arrived to Vizsoly and stopped at a church which turned out wasn’t the one hosting the Bible. It’s like Vizsoly is such a small village (less than a thousand population) and it’s got three churches – pretty much next to each other. Funny. So, I decided I can walk that 1-200m to the next church and when I arrived to the gate of the museum of the Vizsoly Bible there was this huge board on the fence “Mézmúzeum”. So after checking the Bible, then checking the museum of printing – basically a barn with the old tools with which the Bible was made in 1590 we went to Mézmúzeum to get my supply of royal jelly. 😀 Gergő – *proud fresh dad of a boy – showed us around a bit, showed us the bees, the hives, how to get honey and royal jelly etc. It was so exciting!

Then I got my royal jelly supply and some honey and also I picked up a night-cream, that I’m not kidding you, healed my totally cry-damaged skin (esp. around my nose) almost prefectly in one night. I’m curious what my cosmetitian will say about my skin on Wednesday. Because it feels pretty cool since I’m using this cream, which hasn’t happened to me too often since I’m doing skincare. Like, there was this cream Timi gave me like 4 years ago, and that worked wonders, but she forgot from which she’d given me by the time I ran out of it. Yes, that is annoying.

Oh wow, this is going to be a novel. LOL Anyhow, guess whom I’ve hang with! JackD! We tried to figure out when was the last time we’ve met, but we failed. I guess it’s been like a decade ago or so. Still, it was so easy to hang with him like it was yesterday we last met. That whole night hanging with him, Yumi and Zoli raised a lot of questions regarding friendship. But I won’t further bore you with my philosophic wandering.

About the funeral. It went well. Weirdest thing ever hearing Final Fantasy – Eyes on me at your grandmum’s funeral. Like really. Also weird thing, it seems like we’re going to cosplay Final Fantasy VIII this autumn. (I haven’t gone to the summer con finally, I’ve gone to the Zemplén instead.) So, 10 years ago I got very furious at the funeral. I was so mad I had to walk home from the cemetary to calm down to be able to talk to all the “guests”. Now, even though I told the service provider certain things nothing really changed, but I realized that they must be doing the best they can if after I called their attention to those details they still couldn’t get it right. Apparently clear doesn’t mean the same thing to them as it means to me. Etc. Also, I realized you cannot go on hating someone your whole life. Because that doesn’t do any good to anyone. Especially if that poor someone doesn’t even deserve that hate, you just needed someone as a skapegoat, because you didn’t know any other way to deal with the feelings. Like even the ancient wise men said time heals all wounds. It’s truer than true.

The night after the funeral I’ve had one of the worst nightmares ever – which is nice as I do have some serious nightmares from time to time. The type that won’t let you fall asleep no matter how tired you are, you just don’t go to sleep, because you don’t dare to. Whatever, I’ll just freak out if I think about it any longer.

Have a lovely day!

xoxo D.

Listen to: Faye Wong – Eyes on me


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