Ten years later: 3

I am desperate, mad, furious, helpless and powerless and sad and angry and among a lot of other things I am numb as well…

I want to cry, I want to get all this fucked up frustration out but even crying doesn’t work. I can’t. I know this feeling, your eyes get teary and then it stops. It happened before, so I know it’s going to end. Sometime. Hopefully at the funeral.

People expect me to talk to them. People expect me to do a lot of stuff I don’t feel like doing the least bit. So they get hurt and mad and stuff. And when they can feel/see that I don’t give a damn about them they get even more mad. Oh yeah, shit happens. As much as the world doesn’t centre round me it doesn’t centre round them either.

Okay, let’s try to be positive. It’s watermelon season finally. And raspberry season as well. Soon enough peach season starts. As much as I am a winter girl, there are certain advantages of summer I must admit. I love fruits. I can’t help it, I just love them. I totally can live on fruits. Perfect example is my staying in Cuba a decade ago. Oh my… it sounds like I’m old, but I’m not. xD

More positive stuff: I survived my appointment with the dentist. (Next round tomorrow.) Dad’s eye surgery was successful. And Bea’s baby boy was born. Congratulations! 😀

I kind of got cinema-poisoning. I’ve gone with friends pretty often lately and when I felt like even going to the cinema can be too much, my bro asked if I was going to this night in the cinema event with him… Bahh… I did. After watching Hot pursuit (which sucks big time) and John Wick (which is strictly 18+ but effing awesome!) we watched Mad Max Fury Road in 3D. I haven’t seen the originals. And well, it’s not really my type, but it is very spectacular and kind of cool anyway. Even Rosie Huntington plays in it. Fun! 🙂 I was battling myself to watch the 4am screening of Fast and Furious 7, but I couldn’t. Maybe I really am getting old.

I also watched Pompeii (on TV) which is worth mentioning. It’s pretty spectacular, I’m sure it’s awesome in 3D, it feels like you’re watching a Caesar5 game. Oh my, I just loved playing with Caesar2. Good old times, Endymion city, the greatest Roman city ever. *sigh* The story is too much American. Did you know it was a tsunami that destroyed Pompeii? Whatever… Still, I would be lying (is this the correct spelling?) if I said I didn’t like it. Okay, I totally adore Emily Browning and this film got me hooked on Kit Harington. So much I finally started to watch Game of Thrones.

It’s so typical though. I watch Pompeii, I realize, okay I’m going to watch Game of Thrones now. And death of Jon Snow floods the internet. Bruhhahaha! Typical, typical. Anyhow… The girls tried to make me watch the series years ago. They tried to persuade me I’d like it. And they know me well enough, it’s just I rarely watch series. But I’m in the mood now and it’s so brutal it helps with all the frustration. At the beginning of the second season I know that I know nothing, but I do my best not to like any characters, they will die afterall. Good thing I’m not giving a damn about any spoilers. … Oh yeah, and one thing is for sure. I want dragons. Okay, I want a direwolf and a unicorn too. And I wanna be a mermaid. Etc. XD

Well, not much really happened. Nothing that I should put out in a blogpost. As I have made my opinion public concerning the Chinese dog-eating issue… My friends say I should make a briefer version in English too, maybe that would reach all those stupid Americans etc. (etc. meaning all other nationalities) out there who are tearing their shirts with watery eyes over a cultural difference they have no right to judge. I don’t know. This kind of stupidity ruins the world. I wonder if Swiss people also protest against Chinese eating dogs. As their folk cuisin includes dogs as well. Whatever. Livestock handling is problematic all over the world regardless what kind of animal we are talking about…

Vernazza Italy

Vernazza beach ❤

The other really annoying hype is about gay marraige. Like, who the hell cares? I care exactly as much for gay marriage as I care for hetero-marriage. Close to zero. Funny thing is, I got this photo from the Italian trip, which I could have used to celebrate “love wins”, but really, it’s just a nice scarf I’ve got. And due to this super annoying hype I can’t even share it on facebook. (Thanks a lot for Tibor Suhajda of Fotopaletta Studio for taking a few pics of me as well. <3) This whole thing is so stupid though. Suddenly so many people became rainbowy (few go straight against it). It’s almost like if you do not state on social media how you feel about gay marriage, you’re a homophobic jerk. WHAT?

Whatever. Different is not necessarily bad. Most of the times it’s not bad at all. Just different, which makes things interesting. I pity those people who are so stuck in their own truth (own ego) that they just have to force their views on those who dare to think/act different. Look for BAD examples in history books.

That’s enough for now.

xoxo D.

+++ May your soul rest in peace Mama +++

Listen to: Evanescence – My immortal


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