Yoso Yasi

Yoso yasi (yo soy asi), teatogo (tea to go) and sim kártya (=szép kártya). Just because, I’m like this. I misunderstand stuff. There are certain days when I misunderstand a lot more than usual. And actually, this was just a bit of note to self. Because it was funny. Not necessarily for you, but for me the most definitely. And you know, I’m the one who likes to entertain. Mainly myself, then comes the rest.

So, let’s see what happened lately. I’ve been lucky again. (You know I always am… ;P)  Got my new Cruciani bracelet as well as 2 beautiful necklaces (one I fell in love with like 2 months ago) I just won recently. The bracelet is a lovely golden snow-flake design. Just because I’m the girl who celebrates spring (and pretty summery weather) with getting a snowflake bracelet.

I didn’t have much idea what to wear to the ELLE Fashion Show, so I’ve gone less stylish than I think it would have been acceptable – kind of like on the picture below. Let’s just blame it on the tricky weather. And that I didn’t even imagine I’d have just an awesome parking space like I had.

When it turned out I’m going to see the show I got excited and couldn’t stop thinking about what to wear, then it turned out I’m going to Italy for a photo-shoot and I stopped wondering about my Fashion Show outfit. Apparently the what-to-wear problem remained. Just like when we went to visit the Mercedes-Benz factory. Meeting business partners the pressure was high (LOL). I think I did a pretty nice job anyway, jeans go a long way if you ask me. xD It’s a bit frustrating though how the jeans trend is coming back… bahh… However, I didn’t risk these heels which I guess was a good idea, even if it didn’t actually feel like 2 hours of walking around in the factory. I didn’t risk these heels to the ELLE Fashion Show either, now that’s a pity…

Oh my Gackt! The Mercedes factory is such a cool place! Really. If you’ve got a chance go and visit it. So much fun! It’s sooo interesting! Some of the robots made me freak-out a bit, but I guess it was because I’ve been watching too much sci-fi. Which reminds me of Jupiter ascending in which there were some kind of similar robots. Brrr… Still such a huge plant is so cool. Only better place is the zoo. (And nope, fashion shows don’t count in a “race” like this. Okay, maybe a Victoria’s Secret show would… )

We’ve gone to the zoo with Alice, so we haven’t spent too much time there, only a few hours. As fit as Alice is, she’s still almost 80. The koalas have arrived. Feels like I could spend half a day watching them, or maybe not, but we were lucky enough to find them when they got fed so they were not only sleeping on the branches, but were moving and eating and they are extremely cute. I’ve seen koalas before. I’ve even patted one. But it was sooo long ago. You know how they look like, we’ve all seen them on photos, but it’s still so weird to see that they actually look so incredibly cute, like a toy. What they the most definitely are not. Have I told you I love animals? Animals are the best. Really.

Nature is awesome. I was so excited to witness another Solar eclipse. Full or not, who cares? It’s just cool. I’ve also seen a few spectacular Sunsets lately. And I cannot wait to pace around the shores of the Italian riviera. Waves and rocks and adorable towns. Oh yes! (I’ll be working. – Who cares? Waves and sea… ) Tibor Suhajda (from Fotopaletta Studio) is organizing the shoot so I’m sure it’s going to be awesome and fun. Even if I don’t have time to heal from my fall yesterday. Hard-stone stairs and me are not really friends. And I’ve also learned that falling off stairs is better done during the winter when you’ve got a few nice layers of clothes to protect you.

Good thing, I haven’t expected much from all those new friendships. Also good thing, it turned out fairly quick. C’est la vie. And I’ve got few of my good-old-friends left so I can act like I’m not totally antisocial. We’ve celebrated Titus’s birthday, I’ve met with Ria and Zimi, I also went to the cinema with friends and I got invited to Taki’s birthday… Which I was to attend. I even went to the venue and no familiar faces were there. Okay, maybe I’ve arrived a bit early. Like a day early. XD So typical of me, so I just called him and we headed over to out Turkish place to eat and chat a bit.

Guess what! I’ve visited these pretty fun places lately. Like Ákos’s office… I mean… “office”. I knew he was a weirdo, but damn hell, he IS. 😀 I like weirdos. And the funniest thing is, he said he really does not collect neither the socialist relics, nor the lion figures, people guess he likes them, because he’s got a few and keep gifting them. Awesome!
I’ve also gone to the Gellért spa & bath. Nope, not to get pampered. But! I’ve visited the tunnels under the building, there’s this small cave with dripstones (or however you cal them) and we were shown the original spring of the water. Dad said even he has never been there and they have been working there for a while now. Call me whatever you want, but that’s an advantage you get by just being a gorgeous adorable piece of pretty lady like me. In ❤ with myself.

As much as I know I’ll never ever write that post about the Fast and Furious series, here I’m mentioning the fact that I’ve finally watched Furious 7. It still annoys me that I missed Fast & Furious 6 in the cinemas, but hey, that’s life. And yes, I couldn’t help myself, but cried at the end of the film. And I’m admitting it right here, in a written form. For Paul…

I’ve also watched The age of Adaline. And it in a way reminded me of The best of me. They are nice, they are entertaining and they are absolutely not suitable for you if you are having love (or lack of love) issues. These stuff support that illusion that anything magical can happen and there’s always a happy end… Like Serendipity. Okay, I know The best of me is a bit different, but still. Back to Adaline… I’d pretty much like this not-aging stuff and lot of knowledge. LOL Maybe if I had more time like this, I would become so bored I’d actually start studying stuff. Anyway… I’m pretty sure Hugh Jackman’s fans will be happy to see the fresh flesh in the film. xD

Okay, enough for now. We’ll see what I might write about when I’m back from Italy. There’s always a lot of things to write about. And there comes lazy… I’ve got better things to do than to blog all the time… Really… Off life: ON.

xoxo D.

Listen to: Wiz Khalifa – See You Again ft. Charlie Puth


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