Serious solar flares, whatever…

Hiya! I’m alive! Safe and sound and stuff. Yeah, this is pretty cool! You know, I’m not afraid of dying, I just don’t want to. xD

But! I’m alive! And I’m totally sure of it as for a change I feel all the muscles. But let this be my biggest problem. Ever.

I haven’t checked it yet (most probably I won’t check it), but I’m pretty sure there must have been some serious solar flares. They say the world goes crazy when the solar flare activity is stronger. Or however you say this.

Most of you won’t be affected by this, but still… If you get any weird e-mails from my kicsi_kacsa account, just don’t click on the link or attachment. The strange thing is, apparently (according to the system records) my accound did not get hacked. But somehow e-mail addresses from that account got these weird infected e-mails with sender “Kicsi Kacsa” but not from the actual e-mail address. The whole thing is just strange and I don’t get it, but please be careful if you get strange e-mails. This applies to all other weirdo e-mails. These viruses are getting tricky and extremely annoying.

Last Wednesday has been crazy. I’ve been totally stressed, but seemingly everything went just fine. Except those series of unfortunate events that are not so serious you should worry about. Even I just acknowledged them and moved on – couldn’t do anything else.

Jessie 2004Bad news: Jessie has been put to sleep. She’s been ~12 years old and sick and concerning her owner was a very old man from the countryside… Her being put to sleep is a proof how much she’s been loved. You know how dogs are just livestock in the country but her owner told us that he loved her so much he could just not srike her dead, he called the vet instead.

Margó also freaked us out for a few days, but she’s been found yesterday. And I’m so happy about it. As well as for the guys coming back from Ukraine. We were afraid they won’t be able to come back…

Apparently Joker was pretty popular this year at the dress up parties (Farsang season) and it feels like I’m becoming a Joker-pro. XD As much as I try not to, I still get to like people way too quick. *sigh*

As the girls messed up all my plans for “after my surviving Wednesday” I had to improvise and I happened to rape my comfort zone. Not too bad, just a bit, but I so needed something to really feel I’m alive. It was kind of satisfying enough for my social necessities, so I’m getting back to my normal boring self.

I’m progressing slowly but surely with project RR and tomorrow with Zimi and Zita we’re going to watch Liza, the fox-fairy. I wonder what I’m doing this weekend, it’s almost here and I don’t remember having anything to do. Hopefully I’ll be able to go and buy all the materials I need so I can work at home. Or! I might just sleep! Now, that sounds like a good idea. A genius idea to be precize.

Maybe I should think about this whole Instagram/Twitter issue. If I really wanted to make accounts. I’ve been living happily without them, but from time to time I feel I just need them. And today’s inquiry for doing make-up for a wedding in California wasn’t the first one that alluded finding me on Instagram. Which I don’t have. Weird… I’m so silly… I should have given her a quotation including my travelling and accomodation expenses. Damn, I messed this up again. LOL What do you thinkg my IG and/or Twitter name should be?

Oh yeah, I held another exercizing session on Monday. I’m getting pretty good at it, as it seems. And it felt like I’m dying the next day, maybe if I focused on my exercizing as much as I do these times I’d be a lot fitter. And stronger. I wish I didn’t hate feeling the muscles this much.

xoxo D.

Listen to: Melanie C – I turn to you


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