The last one (./?)

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I ❤ Swarovski

Okay, maybe I’m a bit dramatic when I say this might be my last post, but hey, it might! Let’s just say I’m not sure of the outcome of Wednesday. I keep seeing the worst case scenarios and they are not pink. More like red. Blood red and black.

On the other hand people basically are good. At least I try to think that. And I’ve got trusting issues, so hopefully the problem is in my own mind and not out there. So, let’s just try to distract my toughts. What happened this past month?

I got sick and I feel like I’m grounded. Like I think I catched some of the viruses that are partying around. I’m not extremely ill or anything, I think I’ve got quite strong immune system to deal with these stuff – and only catching something now proves I’m right. I’ve been surrounded with a lot of sick people for a long time now. Oh my… Why can’t I just sleep through the day?

I have changed my hair colour again. It’s kinda back to green. Deep dark green and a bit of rusty-red-like colour. Next time we’re gonna get it right. I guess my hairdresser kind of likes me, or else she wouldn’t deal with all the colour mixing stuff and experimenting she’s doing for me. I like how it is right now, so I don’t think we can mess it up too much next time. 🙂

I’ve met new people, maybe I’ve also made a few new friends. Time will tell. Fun thing is I finally met Bálint. We counted that we’ve been knowing each other for 9 years now. Haha! These things are so funny! I really liked to design my outfits and houses in IMVU (it’s kinda like Second Life) and when friends were online it was more fun chatting with them in our 3D virtual world than on Messenger. But apparently I also gained 2 new friends via IMVU – it’s just I’ve met Dan long long ago and Bálint only now. And people say you can’t make friends online. You so can. Just most of the people are not capable of doing it. But I’m not sure if they are capable of making friends offline either.

I won’t make the mistake of getting to like the new people way too quick. Just because we met once and had fun at the party doesn’t mean we would get along. People keep thinking I’m always that adorable cute girl they were lucky to meet that one time. And then they cannot handle the layers of personality. Oh my, that was so nicely said. LOL

Just a question, do you really think people are so simple? Like “that stupid bitch thinks I’m stuck-up”. Err, well, maybe you sometimes are and maybe that bitch is not half as stupid as you think, but neither of you will ever know, because you don’t even want to see if the other one is as bad as they seem. And nope, there are a lot of people I don’t intend on getting to know. Because I don’t have illusions about how stuck-up I am. Plus, I get bored of people. That’s it.

What I don’t get bored of are my crazy ideas and fantasy world. And I’ve just created kind of a masterpiece. And I’m so happy and proud of myself. Now I just need a bit of luck so that all of you can see what I’ve created. I mean you will, the luck I need is for the ASAP factor of the presentation. 😀

Until then I keep working on some smaller creative stuff. Like I have this small booklet that I decided I’m going to draw full until the end of the year, hopefully sooner. And I’ve sorted out material for my new floor pillow/pouf/whatever. I just need to get suitable yarn – in some colour that will go with all the 32 colours of the pouf. I need, like NEED this kind of creativity in my life. Office work makes you grow (or at least I hope so) in a way but I’m losing all my remaining common sense if I don’t keep my brain creative.

What else? Oh yeah, so I’ve been to this dress up party where I met all the new people. And had this crazy encounter with a guy who really looks like Sylar. Oh my… he is creepy. Gotta meet him again. ;P Then we celebrated Yumi’s B-day and I met with a number of old friends I haven’t seen for a long time. Then our threesome met again and I got so depressed of it there are no words. Losing a guy hurts but losing old friends… who you believed were your best friends. Now that kills the soul. I’ve gone to try krav-maga, but I couldn’t start it normally due to my hand injury. But I totally could go to see little Kristóf compete at his national karate championships. Then we’ve gone to see Cirque du Soleil’s Quidam which I loved. Yep, for a change I loved it.

Okay, I kinda love everything that has to do with Cirque du Soleil. Unfortunately I won’t see Dralion. But I hope Julie gets in the new show that starts in July (as far as I remember). It would be really cool, because Vitya got hired for it. And as happy as I am for his well deserved success I’d be even more happy if I saw Julie with him up in the air.

Oh yeah! The new Dope Stars album: Terapunk is out! It’s nice. I haven’t listened to the previous one for a while now, but the new one left me with a better feeling. And now that we’re talking about music, don’t forget the Poets of the fall competition that I am winning. Okay, it’s not official yet, but I just have to win it. Like really. Because I’m an innocent danger and I deserve it.

And after (or before) you listen to the above mentioned new album – which the guys made available for free download! Do we love them or do we love them? Listen to this following pretty cool song. I got obsessed with it more than a week ago (or so) and I don’t really know why, I just keep listening to it.

xoxo D.

Listen to: Király Viktor – Exhale

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