15/1 (Oh my… I’m sooo creative!)

As the title implies, this is the first post of the new year. Let’s celebrate! Woo-hoo! *facepalm*

Huh! Wow! My last post is from October? Wow! Not so surprising if I think about why. Okay, so, things happen. Great news right?

Apparently January is the month when I do stupid stuff. Then I realize it’s not that good and spend the rest of the year in antisocial isolation.

Right now, I could start babbling about how interesting dream I had last night and how my Muse is the most adorable being on this planet and how I am still battling myself if I want to practice krav-maga or not. (Yes, I do. But it’s gonna hurt. Yes, I do.) Also how this is not the right thing to write right now. And how so stuck-up I am. And how time explains a lot of strange happenings of the past. And how I am STILL waiting for some explanations. Or that I feel like I want to buy new Swarovski crystals and that I realized that there is a nice selection of quite nice bags in Westend just in case… Of course I hope, when time comes I’ll just be able to afford to buy the Guess one (either of them xD).

Dorie new hair colourOkay, so, let’s just go back in time. I’ve changed my hair colour. Fail. As if I didn’t know that my hair doesn’t react to dye as it should. So I look even more crap than I did. Same applies to my skin after I paid half a fortune to my cosmetician. And nope, she did nothing wrong, it was right before the holidays and ever since I kind of live on chocolate and sweets. Good job girl. Fortunately my personality is so sparkly that you will not notice any flows I might have. And I gice my hair a second chance and if the colours won’t work this time I’m going back to… nope, not brown. I’m going back to green. I like having green hair. Love it or leave it. I don’t care. If our relationship slips on my hair colour, I don’t think we need each other in our lives.

If I start talking about all the films I’ve watched – as I kind of like rambling about films and books and stuff. LOL Films mainly. But it sounds so sophisticated if I add books too. xD OMG! What’s with me?! *facepalm* So, I don’t start talking about any such as that’s going to be a never ending story. So I’ll just tell you that I was lucky enough to test play the Sherlock scene (track as they call it) of PaniQ-Szoba. That’s an escape game, your team has 60 minutes to get out of a locked room and all you can use is your brains, logic, creativity and of course team-work. There’s a background story and a series of problems to solve. I’m sure you can get out of the room alone on time too if you’re an extreme genius, but let’s face reality, I’m not a genius. So we were the last test group of Sherlock which opened the next day and really, it was FUN. Altogether 6 tracks in Budapest and 2 more in Győr, the games can be played in Hungarian or in English. I’m interested in 3 more tracks, so if any of you are around and interested, let’s go and get ourselves locked up in PaniQ-Szoba. xD

You know the song Take me to church by Hozier? (Yep, you do.) Dóri showed it to me some time ago when I had this really weird conversation at a place where I went to do make-up. Conspiracy theories and how the devil is running this world. It was very early in the morning and I really wasn’t prepared for such topic. Anyway… the song basically starts with “My lover’s got humour, She’s the giggle at a funeral”. Which sounds pretty funny as long as you don’t find yourself choking on laughter after the first words of the priest at a funeral. Yes. I just shared another dark secret with you. All. It has been so damn embarassing, you can not imagine. Sending private messages to the wrong people – which I keep doing – is nowhere in sight as embarassing as this funeral issue was.

via Bauhaus facebook

via Bauhaus facebook

Since my last post, Paula’s been home for a short time, we did go partying, but we kind of checked 2 clubs in half an hour and then ended up in our fave Turkish restaurant. I don’t even remember the last time I went out partying. It’s not good. I’ve also gone to the Bauhaus Ladies’ night with Zimi – it was fun! I’ve gone to the cinema with Maya twice – yep, with her! And hang with a few other people, instead of skating in Malta… Life sucks. Seriously.

Talking about skating. I’ve been skating with sis! We went to this UPC Christmas event and I started to teach her how to skate and she seems to enjoy it a lot. The holidays were kind of peaceful, which is rare. On 31st December I’ve gone to see this Experidance gala with Alice & Bea and it was so nice spending time with them. ❤ Then I just went to sis’ place and we played Xbox games all night. xD Yeah, a girl must know how to party. Actually, I just learnt a few days ago how the NYE party I’ve been to last year ended. I never thought I’d feel that leaving that party that I liked for the sake of that other one that was not really good was actually a good idea. It was the best idea ever. I do have a guardian angel and she’s working HARD.

And she also likes to listen to the icy voice of Ellie Goulding. That must be the reason behind my Ellie Goulding mood lately. All of you just cross your fingers so that I don’t send any mistakable EG songs to anyone, I don’t intend to. Like I almost did the other day. I told you, I’ve got a guardian angel. That must have been the mistake of my life. Nope, not really, but it would have been bad. Really, really embarassing.

That’s all.

xoxo D.

Listen to: Ellie Goulding – Beating Heart


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