Sleep is for girls

Oh, sure it is! Especially for a girl who must work early next day or for a girl who has the kind of migrane she never imagined she’d ever have. And next morning that girl wakes with a headache. Believe me, it’s NO fun.

The good-bye party was though. As usually I didn’t know what to expect, but it was kind of fun. I’m sure it would have been a lot more fun if I could join the guys deep into the night. “Kicking it cigány style” – like really?!

Lately I tend to think about my ability of reading people. Who is good? Who is bad? Who is in between and how much in between. I’m pretty sure there are a lot of people who are just rogue, a bit (or more) wild but not bad. And I know all of us have stupid moments, but I just wonder why people act stupid on purpose. It won’t make them look cuter when explaining their stupidity innocently later. Pff…

Okay, so, let’s see what I wanted to write about. Like, these are supposed to be updates about my life for those friends who are interested… And kind of reminders for me about my own life. I tend to forget about (even fun) stuff that have happened to me. LOL

First, here’s a bit of videomapping for those who are interested (and who are in Budapest between 10-14 September). I have written about Bordos Artworks before, feel free to read more if you don’t know what videomapping is. Click on the pic to see details in the facebook event.

Bordos video mapping a38 flyerAlso, if you’d like to watch something else, pretty spectacular, but less artistic, go watch  Guardians of the galaxy in IMAX 3D. Both the film and the IMAX 3D thingy are pretty cool. It was my first, but most definitely not my last time in IMAX 3D. So far I didn’t care the least bit for it. Really. I didn’t really know where I was going until I was just there. Bro called me during the day if I wanted to go and watch the film and I was like I don’t have a clue what you are talking about and he said it’s Marvel – so what? – and that there are space cowboys and a racoon in it. And that was the keyword. Racoon! Like, how the hell would I not go watch the funny film with the racoon?! 😀 I saw the trailer before Maleficent and I knew I wanted to watch it. It’s so funny! Okay, I’m more or less a sucker for comic adaptations, but well, that’s it. Take it or leave it. Not my problem.

Okay, I should have put this in a separate film related post, but I’m kind of lazy lately to deal with my blog. I’m not a blogger, you know.

Tibor & Pali at the opening of Fotopaletta studio

Tibor & Pali 🙂

It’s a pity though, because I’ve got a lot to write about. Like the photostudio opening I got invited to. Fotopaletta Studio is in Pécs, which is one of the cultural centres of Hungary.  I’d say it’s almost at the end of the world, but it’s really not that far from Budapest. And although the last time I’ve been to Pécs was when I was just a kid, this was not the time to see how the city changed over the years. I’ve seen one of the centres, because the studio is in that centre, but we arrived just on time and we left later than I should have leave to get back to Budapest on time. Guess what, I was late from Zita’s birthday party.

my friends Csaba & Zsófi at the opening

my friends Csaba & Zsófi at the opening

So, I was invited by Tibor Suhajda, the photographer whom I met personally for the first time at the opening. He’s a friend of Pali’s & Ági’s, who were also there so I knew that the party couln not be anything else than fun. And it was fun. Both Tibor and his wife are really nice. The studio is so pretty, spacious and well equipped. I can’t wait to see all the beautiful pictures they shoot there. The homepage of the studio is not available yet, but you can see a lot of beautiful photographs of Tibor’s at his personal photography site. Yes, he has travelled the world, for which I could be a little bit jealous, but I’m working on travelling the world just as much myself and jealousy won’t make any good to anyone, so I just enjoy his photos and add new destinations on my travel list based on the beauties he’s already seen. ;P

Don’t forget to like Fotopaletta Studio’s facebook page, so that you can see all the fun pics Tibor shares.

Aslo, I hope you haven’t forgot about The Ocean Cleanups’s fundraising. Only a few days to go, so head over to the page, check out the project and help this incredible project come true!

As much as I’d love to be such an amazing mind as Boyan Slat is, I’m just me so I do what I can do. All the creative stuff, you know. And in August, sis’ took me to one of her friend’s course of drawing on the right side of our brains – or however you call that stuff. So, it was an experimental 3-day course, normally they are 4-5 days long, and we could not move the speed the lady expected us, because both sis’ and me are slow at drawing. There were two teenager guys at the course too, both adorable, like really. Especially the one who thought we were in our twenties. Anyway, I don’t really see how this course will help me in the future. Like, it’s okay, I can draw a lot better than I used to, but it’s more or less about copying a picture I’ve got in front of me. Theoretically it should work with drawing what’s in front of me live, but I don’t know… We’ll see. It’s been fun anyway. 🙂

Yoshi chilling with Paul Walker drawing by me

Yoshi chilling with Paul Walker  – I know it could be a lot better, but hey, FIRST try, I’m proud of myself!!!

Damn. My knee hurts again. I’ve found time to go to massage a week ago or so. Gergő is the best masseur ever, I really should go to him more frequently. Like, I should go to exhibitions more often. I like paintings. There’s no such amount of money that I could not spend on paintings. I could say I wish I could paint, but well, some things don’t work for me and painting is one of these. And I’ve done it before. I’ve admired stuff and I started learning how to do those stuff and I cannot enjoy them as much as I used to ever since I can see behind them. As much as it is exciting, it’s also ruining the illusion.

Okay, so, before I get even more philosophic I finish this post. It’s been enough rambling. Even for me.

xoxo D.

Listen to: Emeli Sandé – Daddy

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