Chaos Queen

How can that be, that seemingly nothing happens while there’s a lot going on and I hardly can catch up with my own life that’s supposed to be boring. Did this make any sense?

It’s an effing rollercoaster. Really. One moment I’m like my life is all fucked up the other I know I’m the luckiest girl on this planet. *deep breath – keep in – let out*

Last time I was writing from my sis’ place. For all of you who may have been worried about the cat, he’s allright. He’s been super happy he got back sis. I’m happy too. She got me sweets* (El Artesano – Turrón diverso de crema Catalana) and an awesome Desigual top. Oh wow! I’m spoilt and I love it! I also got a matching bracelet from Ildi. I was kinda confused about it. They said she got it for me because I helped them with making a few Spanish calls. Well, that’s true the problems were solved – probably a lot sooner than they could have solved them, but still. It’s so sweet of her!

* Handle me 101: Getting me sweets (food) is how you make me happy.

Talking about speaking Spanish, err… making those phone calls made me realize how much I have forgotten. Now, this is not funny. I should really refresh both my Spanish and French. *sigh*

So, a long time has passed and well, a lot happened in my boring life. Like we’ve celebrated Zimi’s birthday with a last minute surprise party. I think I’ll just make a a separate post about it. Haha! Sometime. In a nutshell, Zimi was surprised and she was happy (apparently surprise parties may work) and we had a nice time and yeah. Fun! 🙂 Round #2 is coming with Orsi. Hehe.

Talking about Orsi, we’ve been hanging out lately, well let say, pretty often. Often compared to what? Compared to our lives. Turned out these hair dyes you can get in the drugstore are really made for dummies. Like, I told her so many times I’m not the good choice to dye her hair and finally I did it and it worked. And then I dyed her hair again and I didn’t mess up either time. And her hair turned out pretty nice. Wow! I’m almost like a pro! Okay, not.

Hm, I should go to the hairdresser’s too. The only thing I don’t know is what colour I want my hair. Keep it green, turn it pink or leave it grow down to brown? Decisions, decisions…

So, life with Orsi is always exciting. Dying hair, baking pancake, having my rear windshield wiper broken by some fucked up idiot while peacefully watching City of bones with Orsi. Etc. City of bones is still cool. Even the kind of crappy Hungarian dub couldn’t castrate Jace. Hehe. I should put my hands on all the books. *sigh*

I’ve also gathered a few people to watch Maleficent. Ada & Zita, my bro and his friend Zsombor came with me. I’m not sure if I can find anyone who’ll watch the new Hercules film with me. Okay, I know, Dwayne Johnson as Hercules, like really? But it was shot here and there’s Babara Palvin in it. Enough to go and watch. For me. Yes. Fangirling mode: ON.

Oh fangirling “news”… Sad, but true: “fade has decided to take a break of indefinite length
following our tour in June.
“. What can I say? 😦 I should really start wearing my fade dress. No European tour to wait for with the debut. *sigh* Thing is, that dress is not compatible with drunk assholes so I’d need kind of “bodyguard” friends with me when wearing it.

Dani would be nice for one, but he’s back to London along with Adri. But, at least I could meet them twice while they were home. 🙂 It was fun. As always. Fun girl-talk with Adri and then the drunk guys got home. *facepalm* Fun, I say, fun! ;P

Other fun is coming my way. Like, plan is to hang with Ria tomorrow. Dóri’s coming home from London this Sunday, then Bente’s coming, then Richi and his wife are coming home for a short time. I can’t wait to meet them again!

What else? For example there was this first beer-fest in my town which I’ve visited. The atmosphere was surprisingly nice. Then we went to Visegrád to see the Palace Games and the fair. I’ve baked the perfect pancake. Two pieces of it, because by the time I realized I’ve created a masterpiece I’ve already changed the proportions. *facepalm*

I don’t intend on adding any explanation to this:

Him turning to me: And you’re an actress, right?
Me: Errr… nope, not really… XD

I’ll just take it as a compliment, egoboost and that’s all. ;P

What else, what else? I’m sleepy. Oh yeah, and I’ve started learning how to use photoshop and after all those years of struggle it seems like it’s going to work this time. So, be prepared, I might just flood my facebook and my blog with all creations of the PS ninja. *evil laugh* I also started learning how to needle tat. It’s kind of a cool thing, but I kind of got bored of it by the time I figured out how to do it. We’ll see.

Oh yeah, one more thing before I go to sleep (maybe I’ll dream with the unicorn or the rainbow coloured snake again). Go and check The Ocean Cleanup (which I’ve already written about) and support the fund to make it happen. Thanks!

Sleep well, sweet dreams etc.

xoxo D.

Listen to: Clean Bandit ft. Jess Glynne – Rather be

Ps. I’d rather be by the ocean… Just sayin’

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