I’m not even your fan, let alone your groupie…

Following up on my last post… I just can’t wait for Boyan’s presentation on the 3rd. Really. I want to see him succeed. I just need this kind of inspiration not to lose all hope… in kind of everything… xD

I’m in Bogdány city for a change. Fighting with the cat. He’s been really cute today, but I think it’s because he just realized that he’ll have to put up with me as sis is nowhere in sight. I hope she’s fine though. They happened to get in the middle of the rioting…

As usually, I’ve been watching Letters to Juliet. Not as much as I used to do, but some miracle happened and I can connect to the wifi! So I mess my freetime on the net… Congratulations! Anyway, it kind of sucks that I’m running like crazy between the 3 places. No time left for anything and I keep worrying that I mess up something. Like I already have. 😦  But it’s kind of fun at the same time. And as much as he gets on my nerves, I like this cat. And fortunately he likes me too. If he didn’t… now that would suck. This cat is dangerous. xD

Talking about animals, guess what! There’s a snake living in the garden! So cute! Keeps sunbathing on one of the bushes. 🙂 I’ve heard rumors about a bigger snake around, but there’s no way mine would be 1,5m long. I think it’s around 1m and I’m totally fine with it living in the garden as long as it’s not coming in… Meet Viorel…

Viorel erdei sikló snake dfordiamond.wordpress.com

Viorel 🙂

Animals are cool. I like them. That’s it. I noted a few days ago “When in doubt, go see Viorel.” and it’s so true. Some funny and few not really good things have happened lately. And it really worked calming my mind after a bit of a shock with just staring at the sunbathing snake for a while. Yes. I know I’m strange. xD And no need for repeating that I am cold and distant and overly impulsive. Love it or leave it. Your choice, I don’t care.

Fortunately there are some people who go with the “love it” part. I’ve finally met with Orsi & Zimi yesterday. It was fun. Not as much fun as it usually is, but all 3 of us were, well… we were not in our best moods. But at least I could discuss those funny/crazy happenings of my life with them. I miss my friends…

Fortunately Skype is at my service. Yes, I know, my good old self would just sit down and write letters all day long. With my new pens. I swear I’m more happy about my 2 new pens (no big deal, just everyday Japanese pens you wouldn’t probably notice on the table) than my new make-up items or pieces of apparel. So, back to my friends, like my good old penpal (and her adorable boyfriend) with whom I could Skype a few days ago. Of course it was fun, but the interesting part of our discussion was about people. People who are so hungry for love and attention that they absolutely misunderstand when we just treat them as human beings, being kind to them, nothing extreme, just acting normal. It can be so awkward… and it’s also so sad at the same time. Sometimes even frightening… *sigh*

I’m not sure how much I wanna go in details with how weird people can be… Like, I know I am weird. But how weird are those people whose behaviour I find weird? Maybe they are normal? Oh, no. There’s no way they would be normal. I know normal people. Not many of them but few I do. I kind of admire them. Well… I’ve met few people who’re naturally and effortlessly so nice to everyone it just scares me. Okay, let’s skip it.

mert catülni kell

photo: morrison’s 2

Paula’s been home for a few days. We’ve gone to party and well… it was fun. As well as the B-day party I went to. Meeting new people is fun. 🙂 Yep, all I’m talking about is fun, fun, fun. I’m tired. And sleeping is fun. And writing is not so much fun anymore. Drawing is fun. But not right now. It’s late. … … … ByeZ!

xoxo D.

Listen to: Taylor Swift – Love story


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