May the 4th be with you… xD

Okay, so the force is with me and I’m writing another news post. No big deal though, no serious excitement in my life… But some nice memories for sure, viva friends. 🙂

Let me see, after a damned long time I’ve met with Gergő finally. He’s a serious dad now, with a lot less freetime for friends but the same awesome talent (and knowledge) for massage. Thanks a lot dear! My knees are a lot better now. 🙂 Any of you around in need of a good massage contact him HERE. It’s a pity though he finally didn’t come to Ada’s birthday party. It’s been fun. There were a lot of new people to meet along with quite some old buddies whom I haven’t seen in a while. It was nice meeting all of you! 🙂

me with GI’ve met hanging with Zimi and Orsi too. Zimi’s husband trusted me enough to give me G. And he also documented the moment. Oh well, it’s pretty much a funny picture. Like, why is my head so red??? Okay, nevermind… let me take another selfie… xD Actually, it’s a pity, but there’s no documentation of how professionally I’ve entertained G while Zimi was preparing his bath last week. He didn’t even start crying or anything. Damnit.. I’m a pro. *so proud of myself*

So, with Orsi we chatted a bit the other day (ha-ha, the other day) and totally randomly we ended up at this bar/club (whatever) VakEgér which I pretty much liked. Like how come I never even heard about it before? The next day we had another oh-so-totally-us adventure when trying to find the venue of the badminton nationals. To make it short… it was a good decision not climbing that concrete wall, it would have been too much fall on the other side.

Have you ever wondered why we’re so attached to some items we’ve got in our lives? It occured to me a few times lately. Like when I thought I lost this Swarovski beaded pendant I’ve made. Or when I broke my favourite “England” mug (old stlye Starbucks collector series). The pendant I found (only the chain broke – big deal) and I got a new “Barcelona” mug, which is cool. Still I went back to using mainly my “United Arab Emirates” mug – that’s also from the old stlye series thus bigger than the new standerdized ones. *sigh* Problems of a tea-addict…


♥ Ayrton Senna ♥

I used to have that idea that I’m writing a tribute post to Senna on the 20th anniversary of his death, but well, what more could I say than I adored him, I wanted to be a F1 driver because of him (everyone can decide for themselves if it’s a good thing or not that I’m only hitting the roads ;P) and that I kind of feel old it’s been already 20 years. Not the best tribute, plus, I’m sure a lot of people have written remembering posts about him. Go look them up. My blog doesn’t need audience so desperately. xD Anyway, Ayrton Senna has been and will always be an icon. And I highly recommend all of you to watch this documentary (with all original footage) about his life. It’s really, really interesting! I accidentally found it surfing channels and got stuck with it. Watch it!

I’ve watched a few other let’s say interesting films lately too. However I’m not sure everyone’s so interested in the films I happen to watch, so for more click here.

It might sound I don’t do anything more than watching films… oh well, I’ll just let everyone think what they want to. There are stuff that won’t make it here. I mean online. My dear friends, you know where to reach me for the better stories. ;P

Anyway, I would love to know how others handle failure, when you’ve done your best. I know it’s not a shame losing to the better, but it still hurts. No, not really, it just sucks. Big time. It has happened before and I guess it might happen again, but it won’t make it easier. *sigh* Next time…

What annoys me is that there’s no next time when it comes to me going to a fade concert. Not as if there was any first time that I’ve missed. I prepared to go when I was in Tokyo, but there was no concert. In case I’d end up in Japan in 2 months… I might have a chance. But let’s face reality… Fade is “taking a break of indefinite lenght”. Oh how awesome! Nope, not at all. This sucks. Not as if I wasn’t sure I’ll have the chance to see them perform live – together or separately, but still. I’m not happy. 

As much as I was not happy when that weasle (or whatever cute-looking, but evil stuff) turned up again, scaring the crap out of me the other night. Brrr…

But let’s talk about something less negative. Like rollerskating. Seems like my time finally came. I’ve been out skating with a new friend and he was kind enough to help me with his advices. Now I feel more secure on those rollerblades. Hehe!

As I’ve pretty much messed up my time and am losing interest in writing anyway, let me just close this post with something I came up with for some project. I like it and what better way to save it for my future self than putting it up on my blog. Oh yeah, and I mean it. ;P

I believe in: Dreaming big and living it. Recognizing and taking once in a lifetime opportunities. Taking the road less travelled and getting lost in all New. Welcoming strangers and disregarding doubters. Inspiration and creativity. Real values and the beauty of goodness. Quality over quantity. Satisfying tummy and exercising body. Two types of luxury and Me dancing the night away in the perfect shoes.

xoxo D.

Listen to: The Chainsmokers – #Selfie

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