When I just shut up…

I haven’t written an update for almost a year now (I mean on my life). Sometimes I missed it, sometimes I didn’t. The old blog’s… well… it’s over. I don’t know if it is technically, haven’t checked it in a while. (It is.)

I’d get in serious trouble if I shared all that’s bouncing in my head now, so I just shut up and try to think pink. I messed up things, I’m starting new things… I’m incredibly disappointed. I’d say I’m even disappointed with myself, but I haven’t done anything bad. I’m not perfect, that’s all. Right now a true tormented soul to be precize. But no worries, I can handle it. XD

Especially as another exercizing season has started. I constantly feel all the muscles and that’s GOOD. As long as it hurts enough I wouldn’t think about stuff I shouldn’t think about anyway. I’ve found this plank challenge and I’m thinking about giving it a try. Seems to be managable. I’ve found quite some other interesting sporting related stuff on Pinterest, but I’m a lazy couch potatoe. Like really. I so envy those who can make themselves work out at home. Alone.

So, what are some good news? It’s snowing! I’ve showeled the snow away twice already today. Nice warm up. Hehehe.
Seemingly I’m back to beading.
I’ve done some simple but pretty make-up looks for girls who were very happy about my work and that’s always heart warming.
There are some less public good news too, but I’m keeping them for those very few fortunate ones. ;P

Let’s see what happened lately…

We visited my grandmum. She’s kind of allright. I wonder why she cannot accept that she’s aging, but hey, she’s like that. I’ve fixed the heating system in the house, which I’m pretty proud of. It was no big deal really, next time I’ll be able to do it without instructions on the phone. ;P Of course I hope next time it will be fine so I don’t have to meet the spiders again… Not as if they did any harm to anyone, just it’s better to stay away from them. And just in case anyone’s planning on moving to this lovely neighborhood in the Hungarian countryside, I’ve got a great offer!

I’ve also met few friends. Bea was home from Japan for a few days. She’s expecting a baby so I don’t have a clue when I’ll see her again. This time I even met her boyfriend. He’s cool. 🙂 And of course congratulations to them!:)
I’ve been to Zimi’s, once even with Orsi. Wow! The three-some together again! Kind of four-some from now on, but oh-well-let-it-be. 🙂
And I’ve been to Paula’s party. Crazy drunk toddlers all around. That sais it all. LOL!

I don’t think I’ll share much info about the Slovakian issue I got involved in. Codename: raptor. I might take a picture with it when the time comes. I’ve never posed with a raptor before. The time comes for everything…

Last year I had this very weird surreal experience concerning spirituality issues, now I had something kind of similar, just with more theological issues… I wonder how these situations find me, however they are funny in a way. Inspiring in a way. In some strange way. Hahaha!

I’m going to repeat myself. I miss blogging in a way. I miss just scribbling my thoughts, it used to help me clear up things in my mind. But I won’t do that in this blog and I don’t intend to create more blogs for now. I can’t even handle this one. xD

So, that’s it for now…

xoxo D.

Listen to: Paper Cranes 折り鶴 – Little Darling


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